6 Keyword Research Tools You Haven’t Heard of.


When it comes to keyword research, one of the first tools that springs to mind is Google Keyword Planner. After all, it’s free, easy to use, and extremely powerful if you know how to harness its full potential. But the reality is that Keyword Planner has some limitations when it comes to finding highly specific niche keywords that can help you target very specific audiences or maximize your conversion rates from search traffic.

Keyword Eye

This free keyword research tool gives you a huge list of keyword ideas. The tool is fairly simple to use, and it even includes negative keywords to help eliminate unwanted results in your searches. (For instance, if you type running shoes, Keyword Eye will tell you how many searchers are looking for running shoes versus walking shoes.) A great little perk that makes Keyword Eye stand out from other free tools is that it offers a small selection of popular search volumes for specific niches—like gardening and hairstyles—so you can get a sense of how many people are searching those topics online each month. This helps streamline your decision-making process when choosing what keywords to focus on and optimize for in your marketing strategy.

Long Tail Pro

For those of you who do keyword research, you know how important it is to have a variety of free tools available to you. Google’s own AdWords tool, known as Keyword Planner, is a good place to start for most people—after all, it comes from Google. However, there are some great alternatives out there that offer unique functionality and could be a better fit for your business depending on your industry or niche. Here are 10 tools I like to use when doing keyword research; hope they help!

Search Discovery

Google may be your go-to for keyword research, but its free platform isn’t much more than a glorified calculator. To get any actual useful insights from it, you have to cough up the money and set up an AdWords account. That’s not what we’re looking for here. Luckily, there are a handful of free tools that do help you uncover insights into trending topics and see how many searches certain keywords get on Google every month.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Although Google’s Keyword Planner can be a useful tool for developing new keyword lists, it has its limitations. It doesn’t allow you to add negative keywords and your suggested keywords are often based on Google AdWords performance, which is biased by popularity and high competition. Moz’s free keyword research tool allows you to see suggestions from multiple keyword suggestion sources and also provides search volume information to help give you a better idea of how much traffic each one will bring in. To gain more insight into how many visitors each keyword could potentially drive, Moz’s tool also shows any page that ranks well for that term in search results or gives it an SEO score.

Answer The Public

This is a pretty cool tool that helps you find related terms your audience is searching for online. So, say you had an eCommerce store selling dog toys and other pet supplies. If people aren’t coming to your site via Google searches, they may be using search engines to get direct answers to questions like What size dog collar should I buy my Lab puppy? or How do I find fleas on my dog? For ideas on how to use Answer The Public, head over here. It’s worth noting that after you run a query through ATP, Answer The Public will show you how many people have searched for each of your suggestions within the past year so you can start analyzing what content your audience has found useful in their search for information about that topic.

Amazon Best Seller List Generator

This tool quickly generates a list of all Amazon Best Sellers Rank positions across different categories. It’s a great way to discover profitable products in niches you’d like to compete in, but are unsure how well they’ll rank. It also gives you information on what your competition is doing and how hard it would be for you to break into each category. Oh, and it’s free! [15]
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