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Surprise! There’s more to 3D printing than just printing and selling 3D printable models from the 3D model marketplace called GrabCAD. I know, you’re probably thinking, Why would I sell something else on GrabCAD? That’s what I came here to do! Well, you have to take into account your competition and the audience you are selling to. There are lots of other people trying to sell their stuff on GrabCAD too, so how can you stand out?

Most popular models based on completed sales

You can see here that no one factor makes a model more or less successful. On average, Female models (F) sell better than male models (M), but not every female model outperforms all of her male counterparts. Character-based models (CB) usually do better than other types of models, but you can find exceptions to these rules as well. If a model has few reviews, it may be worth asking a customer for a review before purchasing. The same goes for sellers; if a seller has few sales or reviews, it’s probably best to look elsewhere for your model. These metrics are useful when comparing two similar models—for example, which of two similarly priced 3D FDM printers should I buy? But keep in mind that they don’t tell you much about an individual model. It’s impossible to know how much a specific model will cost without checking its price history and current listing prices at various retailers. And while trends like CB>FT may give us some idea of what kind of models tend to perform well in general, they don’t tell us much about any particular CB/FT/VH/SM model we’re looking at. Only data from real sales figures do that—and then only over time!

Bestsellers in AR/VR apps

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two of today’s hottest trends, but figuring out how to use them for a business can be tricky. Although many people think AR/VR is mostly about entertainment, there are plenty of opportunities in e-commerce and customer service, too. Before you jump in, it’s important to know what consumers like—and don’t like—about apps based on these technologies. In other words, what products do people find most useful? And which ones aren’t worth your time? To answer those questions and more, we’ve created a guide that dives into what 3D models are most popular right now (and why). Check it out here!
Since our guide is updated regularly, stay tuned for updates as new information becomes available. Also, remember that product popularity isn’t necessarily an indication of quality; each product must meet certain usability requirements before it will pass approval by our app approval team. As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to specific products or content on our website please contact us at any time! Bestsellers in New Releases: There’s no doubt about it – today’s smartphones are incredible pieces of technology. But if you want to get even more from yours and truly enjoy state-of-the-art features then a mobile accessory might be just what you need!

Most popular assets under $5

You’ll likely need to create your models from scratch, so start with an idea you know will sell and get to work! Some items may only be made for certain software programs. Do a little research beforehand if you want to make sure it can be sold online on your chosen platform. Now that you have an idea of what works best, think about what makes these models great and imitate their style when creating yours. For example, is it a photo-realistic piece or stylized art? If people don’t like one model, they might like another. So look at similar 3d models and see what works well! A good place to start would be our top seller’s list here. The top 100 assets are all under $5, so there’s no risk involved. You could also check out our bestsellers page, which shows off some of our most popular 3d models across various categories. This should give you some inspiration as well as a better idea of how different types of assets perform in our marketplace.

Most popular items based on downloads

Although it’s great to see what people are selling in your niche, you can get a better idea of what your customers are interested in by looking at downloads. Just like Google Trends, PriceCharting offers trending charts and lists of top sellers. The data is as real-time as possible, with just over one week between each update. If any items aren’t available for download yet, they will be marked not available for download. Otherwise, you can sort by most popular or newest items.

Least popular items based on downloads

This is great news if you’re an artist looking to get started in 3D models, as it means you have a big market of people wanting your work. Don’t have any experience? You can always outsource work to help speed up your process and get something on there. Try sites like 99Designs or oDesk to find some talent; both sites offer freelance work at reasonable prices. To see what models are most in-demand, simply head over to our Downloads page and sort by Most Downloaded. You’ll notice that while some models are relatively easy (like Minecraft and Star Wars related), many others take more skill (like Pokemon). For example, here is a list of the Top 10 Items ranked by Downloads. The #1 spot is held by Skyrim, with over 1 million downloads!

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