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Byron Yawn Pastor (born b/w 1976-81) was an American Pastor and entrepreneur, a media personality, entrepreneur, and Businessman who hails from Mississippi, United States. He is Chief Executive Officer of Forrest Crain and Co. According to reports, Forrest Crain is a consulting company based in Tennessee, United States. According to reports sources, he also worked for Petra.

According to the most recent reports, Byron has worked for McGowan and Associates as CEO and Empower Healthcare as a lead consultant. In June 2021, Byron was in the media headlines when Chicago’s player in baseball, Ben Zobrist, filed a lawsuit against him. According to sources, Ben claims that Byron was involved in an affair with his spouse Julianna Zobrist.

Who is Byron Yawn’s Wife?

Byron is married to Robin Yawn; the duo was a member of the local group Bible Church in 2001. The couple has three kids named Lauren, Wade, and Blake. Robin Yawn is a Nurse Case Manager at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Neuromuscular Division.

Byron Yawn’s Truths

  • Robin Yawn Facts Robin Yawn is an American citizen.
  • Born in the United States and raised in Mississippi.
  • It is not known much about her childhood and her family’s background. The only thing we know is that she met her wife, Byron while they were both in the same college.
  • The couple was married shortly after graduation and has been married since. They have three kids together Two sons and one daughter.
  • Robin Yawn has worked as an educator at times. Presently, she assists her husband with his duties as a pastor. She also serves as a preacher in the Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Aside from this, Robin Yawn is also involved in her husband’s business endeavors.

Early Life

The Community Bible Church’s former leader, Byron, was born in the Byron household between the period 1976-81 in Mississippi, United States. Yawn was born in the family of a Christian family. But the exact date of the birth of Yawn is not available.

Based on an estimate, Byron Yawn’s age would be around 40-45 (as of 2021). He’s had a radical thought process since his age. According to media sources, Byron belongs to an ethnic mix. Yawn is a genuine fan of Jesus and is a follower of Jesus’ Christian faith.

What Has Ben Zobrist Said About Julianna?

Since the announcement of their divorce, it’s been messy and public. In the court records obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Julianna stated she believes Ben is “guilty of failing to preserve marital assets” after taking a leave to focus on their problems.

Helen S. Roger, Ben’s lawyer, called the allegations “utterly absurd” and said Julianna’s relationship with Yawn led Ben to suffer “extreme mental distress.”

Ben’s lawyer followed up with him and said the lawyer claimed that Julianna “coaxed” Ben into returning to the MLB even though he wasn’t fully prepared. Ben was named the 2015 World Series MVP and was twice World Series champion before he took a break from his career in baseball at the age of 13.

Julianna Is currently seeking Ben for $ 4 million. Julianna’s multi-million dollar purchase comes as Ben had filed a lawsuit worth $6 million against the former pastor in May 2021. Ben was absent from games after the incident due to his declining mental state; in the end, he could not earn $ 8 million in salary after signing an agreement worth $12 million, but just playing for two weeks.

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Who Are Byron Yawn’s Spouse And Children?

According to a brief biography on the website of the Hope Church in Madison, Alabama, in which Yawn was an invited speaker, Yawn, and his partner Robin lived across the same street.


The couple has three kids, including Lauren, Wade, and Blake. Yawn and his wife joined Community Bible Church in early 2001, as the bio stated and added that in their time at the church.

The Measurements of His Body

His height stands at 5 8 inches tall (172.72 centimeters), and his weight is around 75 kilograms (165 pounds). The body measurements include 44-32-19 in. He is a man with dark brown eyes and darker brown locks. His body shape is well-balanced because he exercises regularly.

Net Worth

It is believed to be that his wealth is USD 2-4 million. He can earn this amount of cash through his own company. We could not locate the official accounts on his social media, but we’ll try to update this page as soon as possible.

Frequently Ask Questions

How did Byron Yawn Begin his Career?

He was previously the pastor of Community Bible Church in Nashville.

 Why why is Byron in the spotlight?

He’s currently in the spotlight because his name is connected to Julianna Zobrist’s issue.

What is the Age of Byron?

According to specific reports, Byron grew to become born on March 4, 1970; however, it is widely believed that their birth date was between 1976 and 1981, meaning that his age ranges from 40 to forty-five years (2021).

Who is the Director of Business Development?

Byron believes every firm results from a process that comes down to – not products, services, cash, or even money but a set of terms.

How many kids were Bryon awry with?

Three kids, three sons, and one daughter. The kids were so hardworking and hardworking.


Fame could be either positive or negative, depending on its context. It’s all in what you are seeking. Byron Yawn is famous for his work as a pastor. However, the fame of his name grew following this controversy. We must admit that Byron has accomplished a lot in his lifetime. He’s worked around the clock to achieve this. It’s impressive and admirable as well.


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