Chatting with Enzo Zelocchi: Actor, producer, and director (Includes interview)

Enzo Zelocchi and his outstanding career in the entertainment business have been honoured with over 80 awards at Film Festivals.
He’s an incredible and inspirational artist able to reach the heart of million of people worldwide. He said: “Take your Life in your hands and make it a Masterpiece”.

Enthusiasms and guidance for fresh and striving actors

He always listening to his heart, spirit and soul. Love for the arts and passion leads this incredible young artist to exellence. Enzo is extremely thankful for all the gifts that God has given to him. He’s committed to inpire and make people dream with the power of his performances.

To upcoming actors I suggest to create as much quality content as possible and make sure that your name goes out there. Focus on your final goals and never to the problems in between. Keep a positive mindset and stay humble but be smart and strategic. Cut off negative people around you and protect your peace. Don’t waste your energy on hate or people that don’t deserve you. Do your own thing, shine your own light and the right people will come into your life.

“Showcase your talent and energy on social media, became a master at that. Create your own audiance and supporters. You’re not an ice cream and cannot like to everyone but the people who truly understand your talent will love you forever”, he added.

Always believe in yourself, listen to your heart and enjoy your journey in life. Focus on what really matters to you and that makes your soul happy. Work hard, sacrifice but remember that we are mortal and our time is limited, so invest your time wisely.

‘My Little Princess

He told us a lot about My Little Princess. He directed, wrote, produced, and starred in this movie. The film received an excellent review from Digital Journal, and rightfully so. He said, “I gave a piece of my heart to that project,”. “It was a fascinating mission and an excellent adventure for me. I stared at everything through the eye of a young and helpless father. I looked at how a family lives through this catastrophe, which is terrible.”

Enzo Zelocchi’s fans are showing him huge unconditional love and forever support. Enzo loves his fans worldwide and he’s amazed by all the support and love that he receives daily. “Being loved is the best feeling ever”, Zelocchi said.

Enzo Zelocchi is the Founder of A-Medicare structured to become Amazon for healthcare worldwide:

A-Medicare Website:

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