How to Write a Blog Post in 6 Steps


Are you an aspiring blogger looking to get started? Have you spent hours upon hours researching content ideas and trying to come up with the perfect blog post topic, only to find that when it comes time to write, you can’t seem to make your thoughts flow? Don’t worry; this blog post will help you out with how to write a blog post in 6 easy steps! You’ll be surprised at how fast and easy blogging can be once your know-how.

1) Start with Research

Read other top blogs in your niche, both old and new. There’s always something new you can learn from them, even if it’s something as simple as what time of day they post or how many times they mention certain keywords. For example, let’s say that their posts all start with some sort of attention-grabbing image—this will make you pay attention more closely and remember more about what you read. In an infographic from KISSmetrics, 92% of people surveyed said they liked receiving information through images rather than text alone. If you want to write an effective post on your blog, start by studying others who have already figured out what works for them.

2) Set Your Goal

Start by deciding what you want your final product to be. Will it be informative? Inspirational? Entertaining? Choose a format and topic that will help you achieve your goal. Narrow down your topic by thinking about what will be most helpful for your readers and pick specific keywords related to that topic that people would search for if they wanted more information on it. If you’re still having trouble picking a topic, think about blogs or articles you love reading and see if there’s something about them you could replicate on your site. Once you have your focus set, move on to writing an outline—these can vary from very detailed documents with paragraph breaks down even to each point or only one sentence summarizing each idea.

3) Choose Your Topic

Decide what you’re going to write about. Not only will choosing your topic make it easier for you and anyone else working on your post, but it’ll also make writing far more fun. A blog post is a great way to get started practicing whatever skills or knowledge you have that others might find useful. If you can come up with an idea of what topics people would find helpful, go ahead and pick one (or two—we won’t tell). But if nothing comes up, we like the subject line because they give you tons of great ideas based on keyword searches, what blogs are popular in different industries, and other categories. Pro tip: Don’t fall into writer’s block by trying too hard!

4) Choose Your Keywords

Choosing your keywords is one of the most important things you can do before publishing a post. While it’s impossible to predict how any given reader will search for information, choosing certain keywords will ensure that your content is relevant and easily found by people looking for exactly what you have to offer. Remember, while optimizing your content can be fun, keyword stuffing is considered poor form on all but very specific occasions, so try not to go overboard. Instead, focus on creating valuable content that readers are likely to use as research material or share with their friends and colleagues. Not sure where to start? Start with an exhaustive brainstorming session using our list of 100+ Google AdWords keyword tools!​ 1.

5) Start Writing

Before you start writing, write down what you want your post to cover. It’s simple but it helps. Once you know what you want your post to be about, start writing; make sure that every sentence is written so that it leaves room for adding a picture or video at some point (or even an infographic). The more descriptive and interesting your content is, while still getting its point across succinctly, will help draw readers in without making them feel bombarded with information. Remember: People have short attention spans online and aren’t likely to read through walls of text before deciding whether or not they want to continue. Varying up word choice and using proper punctuation will help keep readers interested as well!

6) Edit and Proofread

Always take some time away from your post before hitting publish. Give yourself one or two days; ideally, you’ll wait at least 12 hours. This will give you enough time to reflect on what you’ve written and make any necessary adjustments. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that your posts are well edited, well proofread, and professional-looking. One typo or misused word could detract from your credibility; after all, most people judge books by their covers (and their first page). Even if no one’s going to see your posts but you—and maybe a few Google search results—make sure they’re as good as they can be! When you’re happy with them, it’s time to publish. ##

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