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It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends and news, especially if you don’t have time to watch the red carpet or visit Fashion Week in person. But don’t worry — here are all the highlights and lowlights from the fashion world that have happened since our last fashion update, so you don’t have to miss out on what’s new in style!

Bold prints

If you’re itching to try something new and fun, go for bold patterns. According to Teen Vogue, we’ll be seeing a whole lot of different types of prints in 2015. Whether it’s florals, leopard print, or geometric shapes, wearing one large pattern can be enough of a statement piece to complete your outfit. For example, adding one bold necklace or bracelet is often all that is needed for a chic and stylish look that screams fashionista. If you want to try more than one pattern at once but don’t want it to seem too flashy, choose complementary patterns like two stripes or an animal print paired with polka dots.

Colorful clothing

Bold colors, like blue and green, can make you look smaller. Small stripes (slightly wider than 1/8-inch) will also make you look thinner. The more colors and lines there are in your outfit, though, the bigger you’ll appear. Opt for a solid-colored outfit that consists of different shades of a single color rather than an outfit with many different shades of many different colors. For example, a shirt with white and brown horizontal stripes or a black shirt with yellow swirls will trick your eye into seeing one darker color instead of many lighter ones. If you don’t have time to do laundry or need something to wear in a pinch, try wearing all one shade in different hues (darker reds come off as more vibrant on camera).

Ornate accessories

Gucci’s 2016 collection for women included a variety of ornate accessories, such as $700 crocodile-print iPhone cases. How do you feel about fashion that costs thousands of dollars? Would you ever purchase such an item, or do you think it’s a total waste of money? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Statement shoes

Most of us go through life with a pretty solid sense of self, but if you want to take your fashion to new heights and become a head-turner whenever you enter a room, it might be time to try out statement shoes. A statement shoe is just what it sounds like—one that makes quite a statement when you wear it. And while they’re still more popular on women than men, there have been some stylish additions to guys’ collections recently that have made our heads turn. If you’re planning on giving heels or other types of super-tall shoes a go, here are some tips for making sure they don’t make you look less like a runway model and more like someone who’s just trying too hard.

Subdued colors

Fall is a great time to wear more monochromatic outfits. The fall color palette is largely black, red, and orange, which make for excellent color pairings in an outfit. Try wearing a neutral or solid-colored jacket with an orange or red shirt underneath and be sure to wear these items with darker jeans (so your pants don’t steal focus from your upper body). Subtlety and sophistication will show in your outfit, which is exactly what you want on job interviews! The bright colors of summer are now gone, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up colorful clothing completely! There are many ways to incorporate pops of color into your fall wardrobe without looking like you’re going overboard. A perfect way to add some boldness to your wardrobe is by wearing plaids and other checks in different shades of blue or red; when done correctly, it looks amazing. Just make sure that if you choose a patterned suit it has only one bold element so as not to distract from any other parts of your outfit such as ties or shirts.

Big Hats

If there’s one fashion item that’s never going out of style, it’s a big hat. No matter how you wear it, you’ll make a statement, both because of its size and the personal flair you can add to your look by choosing something in your favorite color or pattern. If you want to add just a little bit of flare to an outfit without drawing too much attention away from your face, go for a small top hat. But if you want people wondering where they’ve seen that hat before—for better or worse—go with something large enough to serve as a flower pot. Just don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t match what you’re wearing!

Patterns in clothes

The history of fashion is filled with repeated trends. While there are new and innovative ideas for clothing, many designers take inspiration from previous styles. Take Christian Dior’s New Look in 1947, for example, which relied on a cinched waist and flared skirt that mimicked styles from nearly 100 years earlier. Understanding these previous fashions allows today’s designers to know what makes a good style great and how they can manipulate these designs into something unique yet still recognizable.

Moderate heels

According to a recent trend report, Moderate heels aren’t going anywhere in 2016; every woman should have at least one pair of [heels that] adds inches to her height. Along with adding height, these kinds of heels will also add sophistication and sophistication is a must-have for your wardrobe. You can easily find some moderate heels at popular clothing stores or if you want something more personalized you can get them from department stores. If you don’t like heels there are always flats that still pack on style points and elegance but won’t make your feet hurt as much. Lastly, wedge shoes also fall into moderate heel category which gives off that same stylish look without hurting your feet as much.

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