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The people at UncommonGood have a penchant for finding the coolest and most unique gadgets around, and they’ve taken the time to put together a list of their top 10 weirdest gadgets. A couple of these items may be considered creepy by some but there’s no doubt that they’re all cool (we’ll leave it up to you to decide which are more freakishly cool and which are just plain freaky). Check out this article from UncommonGood if you’re looking for some unique tech gifts that can be appreciated by those who appreciate…well, uniqueness!

The top ten weird gadgets on our website

These are amazing and cool products that have been designed by us. We thought that it might be fun to go through some of our top-selling items to pick out those most weirdly awesome gadgets that get people’s attention. Here are what we consider to be our Top Ten Bestselling, Weirdest, and Coolest electronics, tech gadgets on our website! 1. Car Jumper: All drivers have experienced a flat battery at one time or another – it’s not pleasant is it? I think anyone would agree, that having a flat battery isn’t something you look forward to, however having one on an empty country road can prove more than just stressful – it can be downright dangerous as well.

Waterproof, Portable Wine Glasses

Are you a wine drinker? Then, these waterproof travel wine glasses are perfect for you. These portable, silicone cups are crafted to be used with all types of wine and are even dishwasher safe. The best part is that they come in three different colors: red, green and orange! In case that isn’t unique enough for you already; they also have LED lights embedded within them so you can enjoy your wine in style! You’ll be able to walk around with your friends knowing that your favorite drink will stay insulated while still looking fun. Be sure to check out UncommonGood’s website for other strange but cool gadgets like these.

The WTF Coffee Cup Warmer

This weird gadget is perfect for those times when you’re just so eager to drink your coffee that you can’t wait for it to cool down. It will keep your beverage hot and ready for about 5 minutes or about one sip, which should be plenty of time for it to cool a bit. It features an industrial-strength, spring-loaded stirrer along with an internal heating element that only warms up once activated, making it safe to use as a travel mug even when full of hot coffee or tea. The cost? $12.99 and shipping is free! If you need a faster solution check out our exclusive offer on Coffee Joulies! (Approximate Retail: $25)

The WTF Laptop Stand

It may look bizarre, but there’s a reason for its weird shape. First off, you can adjust it so that it supports your laptop in either a level or inclined position. If you have an external keyboard and mouse attached to your computer, they don’t have to be visible while you’re at your desk—you can stash them away when not in use and fold down your stand. Also? It’s all one piece of plastic, meaning there’s no assembly required! Just pop it out of its packaging and start using it.

The 3Doodler 2.0

3D Doodling for Everyone & Everything New, Improved & Smarter – Mar. 2017: When we first launched our 3D printer project, 3D printing was still a niche interest. Since then, it has taken off and become one of the most dynamic areas in tech. It’s such an exciting space that we’ve decided to come out with a newer, better version of our 3D printer: The 3Doodler 2.0! It comes with an onboard camera so you can monitor your creation as it’s being created. Want to see what else it does? Check out some of these features! We have plenty more updates and additions coming in future versions!

The Freaker Sleeve for Cans

This is perfect for sports fans, because who doesn’t want to enjoy their favorite beverages in team-branded sleeves? This item also comes with two different sleeves so you can change up your drink style. There are a lot of other options, too; not just for cans, but for water bottles and wine glasses as well. You can check out all of them here. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves tech (and who doesn’t?), then you may want to look at UncommonGoods. They have a ton of really cool gadgets and accessories that will get even the most casual user excited about his or her electronics.

The Headset Buddy

Ever since Apple introduced its headphones that snap magnetically to each other, people have been searching for a way to get them unstuck. Thankfully, there’s Headset Buddy ($10), a simple little device that lets you just pull apart any pair of headphones (or earbuds) without causing too much damage in the process. It’s an oversized O-ring with three separate cords extending from it; simply put one cord between your teeth and pull out on one end of both your headphone cables at once. This can be quite useful for smaller earbuds (which is how I use them) or larger headphones which tend to be held together by two cables instead of just one.

Scratch Off Maps (World Edition)

A map for everyone who has ever dreamed of visiting faraway lands, Scratch Off Maps features cities that can be scratched off to reveal a fun surprise underneath! A perfect gift for kids and adults alike, you can scratch off a section of London to find out how tall Big Ben is, or Paris to learn how many people live there. The maps are printed on high-quality paper with full vibrant colors. As far as holiday gifts go, they don’t get much cooler than a scratch-off map!

Timelapse Pencil Sharpener in Tin Container

This pencil sharpener, about 4 inches long, is made of metal and has a small hand crank attached to its side. The company claims that you can use it to sharpen your pencils without any mess and in minutes rather than hours. They promise that you will never have to touch a pencil sharpener again after using their product. The gadget operates in two stages – first, there is a grinding stage in which two blades turn against each other as they are driven by an internal motor with five different settings for different degrees of sharpness.

Unusual Ice Cube Tray Holders

Get organized with these Unusual Ice Cube Tray Holders. They are stackable and fit perfectly in your freezer. Storing small items is easy as pie now! Your guests will be impressed when they see how fancy you keep your ice cube trays. You will love them because it also keeps any leftover drinks or juices that you might want to take for lunch cold, but not watered down or melted. A must-have for every kitchen! Order now at Uncommon Good!

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