3 Winter Scents To Fragrance Your Home

The cold winter months are excellent for family times and staycations. If you are lucky, you might get some days off work because the snow levels are too high.

Keeping the windows closed against the draft to avoid the cold will make your room space stuffy. On the flip side, you can turn your house into a warm, sweet-smelling sanctuary with the right fragrances.

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3 Winter Scents to Fragrance Your Home

Your home feels more comfortable when it smells well. You can reduce the damp smell by leaving your door and windows open, but it is not a great idea during winter. Here are three winter scents you can use to maintain the fragrance in your home.

Citrus-Flavored Soy Candles

Soy Candles are excellent ways to diffuse good fragrance across your house. They burn for hours and have aesthetic value. Soy candles can serve as decorative pieces on your shelf, bedside table, or any other convenient part of the house.

Using a Citrus-flavored candle spreads the smell of spring all over the house. The strong citrus scent can easily diffuse any murky, damp smell in the room. The challenge with using Soy candles is that they have a limited range. You may need multiple candles to spread the fragrance across the room.

Lavender Plug-In Diffuser

Lavender is one of the most popular scents in houses. It has a soft, comforting scent that soothes the nostrils and leaves a milky tang on the throat. This delicate scent is ideal for winter nights as its strong smell spreads fast, even in large spaces.

Using a plugged-in diffuser increases how the scent can travel through the house. The diffuser warms up the Lavender scent pad or oil to fill the house with a sweet smell. The diffuser is a reusable air freshener, provided you change the oil constantly.

Stovetop Potpourri

Who would have thought a pot of boiling spices and natural materials could create the ultimate winter scent? The Potpourri makes a rare combination of sweet smell and warmth by spreading the ascent through boiling mist. This option is best for small spaces, as the Potpourri mist often fades with distance.

The right ingredients can give you a blend of soft and musky scents. The Potpourri is an excellent way to spread different aromas within your house. You can also create your recipe if you feel inspired enough.


Winter scents are the best ways to dispel lingering odors and give your house a refreshing smell. Use diffusers for large homes, candles for romantic views, or to add style.

In contrast, the Potpourri is a more natural diffuser. Either way, you can always purchase a large variety of winter scents and warm essentials at discount using the Bath and Body Works Coupon Code

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