Ann Marie Blyth: Hollywood’s Golden Star



Hollywood’s Last Survivor

Ann Marie Blyth, born on August 16, 1928, stands as a remarkable figure in Hollywood’s history. Her legacy, anchored in a career spanning the Golden Age of cinema, has left an indelible mark. This article navigates through the life and career of an American retired actress and singer. It sheds light on the highs and lows that defined her journey.

Early Life

Humble Beginnings

Born Anne Marie Blythe in Mount Kisco, New York, in 1928, her early life faced challenges. Her father’s departure led Anne, her elder sister Dorothy, and their mother to a modest life in New York City. The family’s resilience in the face of adversity marked the beginning of Ann Marie Blyth’s journey.

The Artistic Spark

Blyth’s introduction to the world of performance came early. She graced children’s radio shows at the age of five, laying the foundation for a future in the spotlight. At nine, she joined the New York Children’s Opera Company. This unveiled her natural talent and passion for the arts.

Broadway and Beyond

Watch on the Rhine

Blyth’s journey onto Broadway commenced with Lillian Hellman’s “Watch on the Rhine” from 1941 to 1942. The play’s success opened doors for her. It propelled her into the limelight and earned her the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award.

Hollywood Beckons

During a performance at the Biltmore Theatre Los Angeles, Universal Studios recognized Blyth’s potential. She transitioned to Hollywood after getting a contract. Her film debut in 1944’s “Chip Off the Old Block” was alongside Donald O’Connor and Peggy Ryan.

Hollywood Success and Challenges

Mildred Pierce and Accolades

Blyth’s breakout moment came in Michael Curtiz’s “Mildred Pierce” (1945). She portrayed Veda Pierce. Her compelling performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. This made her one of Hollywood’s rising stars.

Triumphs and Setbacks

Following the success of “Mildred Pierce,” Blyth faced challenges. She broke her back while tobogganing. Despite the setback, she rebounded with films like “Killer McCoy” (1947) and “A Woman’s Vengeance” (1948).

A Journey Through Studios

MGM Ventures

Blyth’s versatility led her to MGM. She starred in “The Great Caruso” (1951) alongside Mario Lanza, a box-office hit. She navigated various genres. For example, she acted in Westerns like “Red Canyon” (1949) and romantic comedies like “Kismet” (1955). This showcased her acting range.

Career Shifts

The actress transitioned to Paramount for “The Buster Keaton Story” (1957). She then worked with Warner Bros. for “The Helen Morgan Story” (1957). In the latter, Gogi Grant dubbed her remarkable voice. This was a significant contribution to the film’s soundtrack.

Life Beyond the Screen

Marriage and Family

In 1953, Blyth married obstetrician James McNulty. The couple received a commendation from the Pope. Their union led to a hiatus in Blyth’s career as she devoted time to raising their five children.

Later Years and Honors

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Blyth found fulfillment in musical theater. She also enjoyed summer stock performances. Her notable television appearances included “The Twilight Zone” and “Murder, She Wrote.” In 2003, she received the Living Legacy Award from the Women’s International Center.

Legacy and Recognition

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ann Marie Blyth received a Motion Picture Star at 6733 Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This honored her remarkable contributions to the film industry.


In conclusion, Ann Marie Blyth’s journey reflects the triumphs and trials of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Her legacy extends beyond the silver screen. It encapsulates a life rich in art, family, and resilience. Blyth is one of the last survivors from that era. His impact on the entertainment industry is etched in Hollywood history.

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