Is Boris Roussimouff the True Identity Behind Andre the Giant’s Father?


Boris Roussimouff Son Andre the Giant

Discover the intriguing story behind Boris Roussimouff. He was the father of Andre the Giant. Andre was a famous professional wrestler, celebrated for his colossal size.

Andre the Giant was born Andre Rene Roussimouff in May 1946. He became a famous French wrestler and actor. He captivated audiences worldwide with his larger-than-life persona.

Despite his extraordinary physical attributes attributed to gigantism, Andre excelled. He also showcased exceptional mathematical prowess. But, he opted to pursue a career in farming, aligning with the prevailing norms of his time in France.

Table of Contents:

  • Boris Roussimouff Son Andre the Giant

  •  Boris Roussimouff’s Son Andre the Giant’s Family

  • Boris Roussimouff’s Son Andre the Giant’s Career and Death

  • Boris Roussimouff Death


Boris Roussimouff Son Andre the Giant’s Family

Explore the family dynamics of Boris Roussimouff. Mariann Roussimouff (Maraszek) married him. They had five children, including the legendary Andre the Giant.

Andre the Giant married Jean Christensen. They had a daughter, Robin Christensen-Roussimouff. Andre’s wife passed away in 2008.

She left behind their daughter. The daughter will carry on the family legacy in the wrestling and entertainment industry.

Boris Roussimouff’s Son Andre the Giant’s Career and Death

Andre the Giant’s professional journey in wrestling, particularly in the WWF (now WWE), catapulted him to unprecedented fame and fortune. He earned accolades for his stellar career.

These include the WWF Championship and the WWF Tag Team Championship. Congestive heart failure cut short his life at the age of 46. This left a void in the wrestling community.

Boris Roussimouff Death

Learn about the passing of Boris Roussimouff. He was Andre the Giant’s father. Discover the impact it had on the wrestling world.

Boris passed away in Paris, France at the age of 85. , his son Andre was mourning at the time.

The legacy of both father and son lives on. After his death, the WWF Hall of Fame honored Andre the Giant as an inaugural inductee. He remains a revered figure in wrestling history.

faqs about Boris Roussimouff:

How many children did Boris have?

    • Boris reportedly married Mariann Roussimouff (Maraszek) and had five children. We don’t know much about the other children, except for Andre the Giant. Their details are not verified.

    • What was Boris’s profession?

      • Boris’s profession or occupation is not documented. But, people believe that he might have participated in various activities. This may have included farming or other forms of labor.

  • What were the circumstances surrounding Boris’s death?

    • Boris passed away in January 1993 in Paris, France, reportedly at the age of 85. But, further details about his death are not available in public records.



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