Celine Dion: Are They Really 13 Siblings?


Celine Dion stands as a legendary figure in the music industry, renowned for her unparalleled vocal talent and illustrious career spanning decades.

However, amidst her global fame, many may not be aware of her extensive family, comprising 13 siblings. Let’s delve into the lives of Celine Dion and her siblings, ranked from the eldest to the youngest.

Denise Dion – The Eldest Sister

Denise Dion holds the distinction of being the eldest sibling in the Dion family. Despite her familial ties to a global icon, Denise leads a private life away from the limelight.

Clement Dion – Celine’s Brother and Golf Club Owner

Clement Dion, Celine’s brother, maintains a low profile similar to Denise. Notably, he owns the prestigious ‘Le Mirage’ golf club in Terrebonne, Quebec, offering an exquisite retreat for golf enthusiasts.

Claudette Dion – Singer and Philanthropist

Claudette Dion, following in her sister’s footsteps, pursued a music career. Beyond her musical endeavors, Claudette actively advocates for disadvantaged youth in Quebec and champions various philanthropic causes.

Lisette Dion – Mysterious Sister with a Tragic Story

Lisette Dion’s life remains shrouded in mystery, with limited information available about her personal and professional pursuits. Tragically, she experienced the loss of her daughter, Karine, to cystic fibrosis.

 Michel Dion – Musician and Former Member of ‘Le Show’

Michel Dion, a musician by profession, enjoyed a successful career with the group ‘Le Show’ before venturing into technical roles within Celine’s production team during her tours.

 Louise Dion – Sister with Unknown Profession

Louise Dion’s occupation and personal details remain undisclosed, maintaining the family’s inclination toward privacy.

Jacques Dion – Career and Family Life


Jacques Dion briefly pursued a musical career as part of the group La Famille Dion Chantant. Currently, Jacques leads a private life with his wife, Genevieve Garceau, and son, Jimmy Dion.

Daniel Dion – Remembering Celine’s Late Brother

Daniel Dion, remembered fondly by Celine, worked as a woodworker and shared a close bond with his sister until his passing. He leaves behind cherished memories and a loving family.

Ghislaine Dion – Singer and Cancer Survivor

Ghislaine Dion, like Celine, pursued a career in singing. Despite facing health challenges, including a battle with cancer, Ghislaine perseveres and continues to inspire.

Linda Dion – Sister with Limited Information

Limited information is available about Linda Dion’s personal and professional life, maintaining the family’s preference for privacy.

Manon Dion – Celine’s Personal Assistant

Manon Dion serves as Celine’s assistant, showcasing the strong familial bonds shared between the siblings as they collaborate professionally.

Paul Dion – Operating a Non-profit Organisation

Paul Dion contributes to charitable endeavors by operating The Foundation Maman Dion, supporting underprivileged children with essential resources.

Pauline Dion – Event Manager with a Big Family


Pauline Dion, an event manager, leads a fulfilling life with her husband, Marc Martel, and six children, embodying the essence of family values.

Celine Dion – The Iconic Youngest Sibling

Celine Dion, the youngest sibling, epitomizes musical excellence and international stardom. Her remarkable journey in the music industry continues to inspire millions worldwide.


The Dion family’s diverse pursuits and enduring bonds exemplify the essence of familial support and unity amidst fame and success.

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