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In this captivating exploration, we immerse ourselves in the latest updates surrounding the life of Charles McHugh O’Donnell, the talented son of renowned actor Chris O’Donnell and Caroline Fentress. Beyond his childhood portrayal in NCIS: Los Angeles, we delve into the details of Charles’s life, family, physical attributes, contributions to the show, current pursuits, and an estimation of his net worth.

Charles McHugh O’Donnell’s Age and Background

Born on July 11, 2003, in Los Angeles, California, Charles McHugh O’Donnell, at 19 years old, has already left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As the second son of actor Chris O’Donnell, he exhibits a diverse range of interests, excelling not only in acting but also in various extracurricular activities.

Charles Family

Charles belongs to a close-knit and talented family. His father, Chris O’Donnell, acclaimed for his role in NCIS: Los Angeles, and his mother, Caroline Fentress, have created a nurturing environment. Charles shares his life with four siblings: Christopher Jr., Finley, Lily Anne, and Maeve Frances. Their familial bond is a testament to the support they provide each other.

Charles Physical Appearance

Standing at a height of 4 feet 9 inches (1.44 meters), Charles possesses a distinctive and youthful presence. Weighing around 39 kg (85 pounds), with brown hair and brown eyes, his charming features contribute to his overall appeal.

Charles Role in NCIS: Los Angeles

Charles’s introduction to the entertainment world occurred through his portrayal of the young G. Callen in NCIS: Los Angeles. His character, Michael Donnelly, made memorable appearances in Season 2 and Season 3. Notably, Charles’s siblings, Lily Anne, Maeve Frances, and Finley, also played roles in different seasons, showcasing a familial collaboration.

Charles McHugh O’Donnell’s Current Pursuits

As for his latest endeavors, Charles recently completed his board exams at 18. Displaying a keen interest in the field of science, he has shared glimpses of his passion for lifelong learning on social media. Devoting his time to education, Charles is dedicated to academic excellence.

Charles McHugh O’Donnell’s Net Worth

While specifics about Charles’s net worth are not public, it’s essential to acknowledge his father’s success. Chris O’Donnell’s estimated net worth of $25 million (as of 2021) hints at the family’s significant impact on the entertainment industry. Charles, with his early accomplishments, is undoubtedly carving a noteworthy path, and respecting his privacy is paramount.


In conclusion, Charles McHugh O’Donnell emerges as a promising talent, embodying the legacy of his celebrated family. From his childhood role in NCIS: Los Angeles to his dedication to education, Charles navigates a unique trajectory. While his net worth remains undisclosed, the O’Donnell family’s contributions to the entertainment world suggest an enduring impact. Let us anticipate and celebrate Charles McHugh O’Donnell’s unfolding journey, poised for further achievements in the years ahead.

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