Elias Gene D’Onofrio: Personal life and net worth

Elias D'Onofrio

Elias Gene D’Onofrio: A Scion of Celebrity Lineage

Elias Gene D’Onofrio stands as a prominent scion within the echelons of celebrity lineage, bestowed with privileges from the moment of his birth. He proudly claims parentage to Carin Van Der Donk and Vincent D’Onofrio, marking him as their esteemed firstborn.

Vincent D’Onofrio: Patriarch of the D’Onofrio Dynasty

Vincent D’Onofrio, the patriarch of the D’Onofrio dynasty, boasts a multifaceted persona as an American luminary. His influence spans acting, production, direction, and vocal artistry. In contrast, Carin Van Der Donk, Elias’ maternal figure, brings a background steeped in modeling and visual artistry.

Elias D’Onofrio’s Financial Status in 2021

Embarking on new horizons, 22-year-old Elias abstains from work, supported financially by his parents. Carin Van Der Donk has around $500,000, while Vincent D’Onofrio boasts a net worth of about $14 million in 2021.

Vincent D’Onofrio’s Cinematic Legacy

Vincent D’Onofrio’s presence in the cinematic world resonates with iconic portrayals, including Private Leonard Lawrence in “Full Metal Jacket” and Wilson Fisk in “Daredevil.” His accolades extend to laurels such as the Saturn Awards and nominations for the Emmy Awards.

Elias D’Onofrio: Family Dynamics

Elias D’Onofrio, born in December 1999, shares familial ties with Luka D’Onofrio and Leila George D’Onofrio. His lineage traces back to the paternal domain of Gennaro D’Onofrio and Phyllis D’Onofrio, embodying a legacy enshrined in familial kinship.

Elias D’Onofrio’s Digital Presence

Elias D’Onofrio shies away from the digital limelight, allowing his father, Vincent D’Onofrio, to curate updates regarding his ventures through social media conduits.

Carin Van Der Donk and Vincent D’Onofrio: Marriage Journey

The marital union of Carin Van Der Donk and Vincent D’Onofrio, consummated in March 1997, bore witness to the birth of Elias Gene D’Onofrio in 1999. Despite the ebbs and flows of marital amity, their bond endures, cherished within the confines of familial communion.

The Enduring Marital Bond

Though whispers of estrangement linger, the marital bond between Carin and Vincent endures, unadorned with the veneer of formality. In a Gramercy Park townhouse, Vincent finds solace in familial communion as the paramount essence of existence.

Elias D'Onofrio


In the tapestry of Elias D’Onofrio’s life, familial bonds and the legacy of celebrity lineage intertwine, shaping a narrative of individuality and resilience amidst the glare of public scrutiny.


Who are the parents of Elias D’Onofrio?

Elias D’Onofrio is the firstborn child of Carin Van Der Donk and Vincent D’Onofrio.

What is Carin Van Der Donk’s net worth?

Carin Van Der Donk’s net worth is approximately $500,000, earned through her modeling and visual artistry background.

How much is Vincent D’Onofrio’s net worth in 2021?

Vincent D’Onofrio’s net worth is estimated at around $14 million in 2021, derived from his successful acting, production, and direction career.

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