Hap Whitaker: A Legacy Born of Wrestling Legends



Hap Whitaker son: Explore the remarkable story of Hap Whitaker, the son of renowned mixed martial artist Michael Chandler and Brie Willett. From his unique name to family dynamics, this narrative unveils the intriguing details of Hap’s life.

Origins of the Name

Delve into the significance of Hap Whitaker’s name, a homage to legendary wrestling coach Hap Whitney and family confidant Mike Whitaker. Uncover the familial ties and influences shaping Hap’s identity.

Family and Siblings

Learn about Hap Whitaker’s family structure, with insights into his parents, Michael Chandler and Brie Willett. Discover the adoption of Hap’s younger brother, Ace Chandler, in 2022, and the dynamics of this martial arts-oriented family.


While details about Hap’s education remain private, this section explores the early years of a child born into a family deeply involved in mixed martial arts.

Parents’ Profiles

Get to know the professional backgrounds of Hap Whitaker’s parents. Brie Willett, a doctor specializing in aesthetic medicine, shares her work on Instagram. Meanwhile, Michael Chandler’s journey from high school wrestling to becoming a significant UFC Lightweight figure is chronicled.

Michael Chandler’s Martial Arts Journey

Trace Michael Chandler’s illustrious career, from his early wrestling days to winning three Bellator Lightweight Championships. Dive into his transition to the UFC Lightweight division and his current position in the rankings.

Social Media Presence

Despite Hap Whitaker being too young for social media, his parents actively share family moments. Brie’s Instagram, with over 40k followers, provides a glimpse into her medical expertise, while Michael’s account, boasting 1.5 million followers, showcases his MMA journey.


As the Whitaker family continues to make waves in both martial arts and the medical field, stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of Hap Whitaker’s unique legacy.

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