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Introduction to Harper Willow Grohl

Harper Willow Grohl, born on April 17, 2009, in the United States, is widely recognized as one of the most popular and wealthiest Family Members. In this article, we delve into Harper Willow Grohl’s life, including her age, height, biography, birthday, wiki, salary, and more.

Harper Willow Grohl’s Biography

Harper Willow Grohl is renowned as the second child of Foo Fighters’ lead singer, Dave Grohl, and Jordyn Blum. Born in April 2009, she holds a significant place within her family as the middle child among her two siblings. Her parents, Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum tied the knot in August 2003, marking the beginning of their enduring relationship.

Early Life and Family


Growing up in a household filled with music and creativity, Harper Willow Grohl experienced a unique childhood. With her father’s prominence as a guest drummer in Josh Homme’s band Queens of the Stone Age and his role as the founder of the Foo Fighters, Harper was immersed in the world of rock music from an early age.

Harper Willow Grohl’s younger sister, Ophelia, was born just five days before the passing of their paternal grandfather, adding a poignant layer to their family dynamics.

Career and Achievements

Harper Willow Grohl, renowned for her familial connections to the music industry, occasionally joins her father in the spotlight. In March 2015, the DailyMail featured her in an article, highlighting her close bond with Dave Grohl. Additionally, Harper has graced the stage alongside her father during various concerts and tours, further solidifying her connection to the world of music.

Harper Willow Grohl’s Net Worth

As of February 3, 2024, Harper Willow Grohl boasts an estimated net worth ranging between $3-5 million. Her substantial wealth stems from her family background and her father’s successful career as a prominent drummer in Nirvana during the 1990s, followed by the formation of the Foo Fighters.

Personal Life and Relationships

Harper Willow Grohl’s personal life remains relatively private. As of February 1, 2024, there is no information available regarding her dating status or past relationships. She is possibly single and has not been previously engaged, according to records.

Ethnicity, Religion & Political Views

While Harper Willow Grohl’s ethnicity is not explicitly stated in public resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia, her nationality is American. Details regarding her religious beliefs and political views are not available at this time.

Height and Physical Stats

Specific details about Harper Willow Grohl’s height, weight, and body measurements are currently unavailable. However, she likely inherited her family’s tall stature and physical presence.

Dating Status and Relationships

Harper Willow Grohl is currently not dating anyone, according to records as of February 1, 2024. No past records of her relationships indicate that her personal life remains discreet and out of the public eye.


Harper Willow Grohl, with her familial ties to the music industry and substantial net worth, remains a prominent figure in popular culture. Despite her young age, she has already left a lasting impression through her occasional appearances alongside her father, Dave Grohl. As she continues to navigate her journey, Harper Willow Grohl’s contributions to the entertainment world will surely be watched with interest.

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