Homerline Wells Clower: A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse


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  • Homerline Wells Clower Introduction
  • Early Life and Family
  • Journey with Jerry: Homerline’s Husband and His Net Worth
  • Homerline Wells Clower’s Net Worth
  • Conclu

Introduction of Homerline Wells Clower

Homerline Wells Clower: Discover the untold story of Homerline Wells Clower, the wife of renowned American comedian Jerry Clower. This article provides an in-depth exploration of her life, from early family life to her connection with Jerry and beyond.

Early Life and Family

Homerline Wells Clower entered the spotlight as Jerry Clower’s wife, marrying him in 1947. Despite the media’s watchful eye, little is known about her childhood or family background. The couple shared their lives, blessed with a son and three daughters—Ray, Amy, Sue, and Katy.

Journey with Jerry: Homerline’s Husband and His Net Worth

Explore the fascinating journey of Howard Gerald Clower, professionally known as Jerry Clower. From his Navy days to becoming a beloved stand-up humorist, Jerry’s career milestones are highlighted. Hosting shows like “Country Crossroads” and “Nashville On the Road,” Jerry’s contributions to entertainment were immense. With a net worth of 4 million dollars, Jerry Clower left an indelible mark before his passing in August 1998.

Homerline Wells Clower’s Net Worth

While details about Homerline’s earnings remain elusive, her role in supporting Jerry’s career is evident. As of now, no specific information about her net worth is available.


This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Homerline Wells Clower’s life. From her enigmatic early days to the inseparable bond with Jerry Clower, this glimpse offers a nuanced perspective on the woman behind the famous comedian. For more intriguing insights into such personalities, continue exploring our website.

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