Is Jake Anderson still married?


Jake Anderson, renowned for his role in the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” and his wife, Jenna Anderson, have built a life filled with love, adventure, and precious family moments.

Meeting and Falling in Love

Jake and Jenna’s love story began at a music festival in Seattle. Despite his fame as a ship captain, Jake was captivated by Jenna’s charm and beauty. Their encounter led to a heartfelt connection, blossoming into a deep, enduring love.

Wedding and Family Milestones

In 2012, Jake and Jenna exchanged vows in a ceremony officiated by ship captain Sig Hansen. Their union was blessed with the arrival of three wonderful children, marking significant milestones in their journey together.

Sharing Precious Moments

Jake is not only a fearless fisherman but also a devoted family man. He frequently shares glimpses of their life on social media, from festive celebrations to memorable vacations, capturing the joy of being together as a family.

Balancing Career and Family

Despite the demands of his career at sea, Jake strives to balance work and family life. While away, he often expresses how much he misses his loved ones, highlighting the challenges of being apart and the importance of making the most of their time together.

Reflecting on Love and Gratitude

Jake and Jenna express their gratitude for each other and their growing family through heartfelt social media posts and candid snapshots. They celebrate milestones with love and humor, cherishing every moment they share.

Jake and Jenna Anderson’s love story reminds us of the enduring power of love, family, and gratitude in a world of high-sea adventures and bustling careers.


How did Jake Anderson and Jenna meet?

  • They met at a music festival in Seattle, where Jenna approached Jake for his autograph.

    • When did Jake and Jenna tie the knot?

  • They married in 2012, with ship captain Sig Hansen officiating the ceremony.

  • How many children do Jake and Jenna have?

  • They have three children: Aiden Benn Anderson, Cadence Anderson, and a third son born later.

  • How does Jake balance his career and family life?

  • Despite the challenges, Jake prioritizes spending quality time with his family whenever he is home.

  • How do Jake and Jenna celebrate milestones?

  • They celebrate milestones with love, gratitude, and a healthy dose of humor, often sharing their joy with their followers on social media.

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