Jerry Clower: A Southern Humor Maestro



Delve into the life and career of Howard Gerald “Jerry” Clower, an iconic American stand-up comedian who left an indelible mark on Southern humor.

Early Years in Liberty, Mississippi

Explore the formative years of Jerry Clower, born in Liberty, Mississippi, on September 28, 1926. Uncover his early life, Navy service, and academic pursuits at Mississippi State University.

The Agri-Comedy Beginnings

Discover how Clower’s career path led him from county agent to fertilizer salesman, using his wit and humorous tales to boost sales. Unearth the origins of his unique agri-comedy style.

Rise to Fame: The Coon Hunt

Trace the meteoric rise of Clower’s fame, starting with his humorous stories and the platinum-selling record “The Coon Hunt.” Learn how these stories captivated audiences and paved the way for a remarkable career.

Country Music and Grand Ole Opry

Uncover Clower’s involvement in country music, his affiliation with the Grand Ole Opry, and his co-hosting of the radio show “Country Crossroads.” Explore the intersections of his comedy with the vibrant world of country music.

Comedic Chronicles: The Ledbetters

Laugh along with Clower’s iconic stories featuring the Ledbetter family, quintessential Southern characters that became beloved figures in his comedic repertoire.

Faith and Lasting Impact

Discover Clower’s unwavering faith and how it influenced his life and storytelling. Understand how his faith and comedic talent made him a cherished figure, with references to God woven into his narratives.

Grand Finale and Legacy

Reflect on Jerry Clower’s final days, his passing in August 1998, and the enduring legacy he left behind. Explore his contributions to literature, his last album “Peaches and Possums,” and the impact of his storytelling.


In conclusion, Jerry Clower’s journey from rural Mississippi to the Grand Ole Opry stage is a testament to the power of humor, faith, and storytelling. His legacy lives on in the hearts of those who laughed along with the tales of the “Mouth of Mississippi.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What made Jerry Clower’s storytelling unique?
    • Jerry’s storytelling was unique due to its agri-comedy style, blending humor with tales from rural life.
  2. How did Jerry Clower integrate faith into his comedy?
    • Clower often referenced God in his stories, reflecting his strong Christian faith.
  3. What role did Jerry Clower play in country music?
    • He became a member of the Grand Ole Opry and co-hosted “Country Crossroads,” showcasing his connection to the country music scene.
  4. Tell us more about Jerry Clower’s iconic characters like the Ledbetters.
    • The Ledbetters were a fictional Southern family featured in many of Clower’s humorous stories, adding a unique charm to his narratives.
  5. How is Jerry Clower remembered today?


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