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In the vibrant world of entertainment, one name shines brightly—Jess Hilarious. Known for her charismatic presence, she has carved a niche with her humor and relatable tales that resonate across diverse audiences. Let’s embark on a journey through the life and career of this comedy sensation.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Birth Details and Background

Born as Jessica Robin Moore on February 16, 1992, in Baltimore, Maryland, Jess Hilarious swiftly rose to fame through her wit and comedic prowess. From an early age, her knack for entertaining others became evident, foreshadowing a remarkable career in the world of comedy and acting.

Swift Ascent in Comedy

A standout figure in American stand-up comedy, Jess Hilarious gained widespread recognition through her role in MTV’s Wild N Out Season 9. Her ability to seamlessly blend humor with authenticity left an indelible mark on the comedy landscape.

Comedy Ventures and Wild N Out

Comedy Career Insights

Jess’s venture into stand-up comedy became a catalyst for her rapid ascent in the entertainment industry. Despite juggling the demands of comedy and motherhood, particularly as a mother to Ashton, she continued to showcase her comedic brilliance.

Wild N Out Experience

Notably featured on MTV’s Wild N Out Season 9, Jess Hilarious brought her unique flair to the show, contributing to its comedic success. Balancing the responsibilities of being a mother and a comedian, she demonstrated her versatility on the big stage.

Jess Hilarious on Social Media

Instagram Popularity

With a significant following of 5 million on Instagram, Jess Hilarious uses the platform to share her comedic commentary. Her relatable content has become a source of laughter and entertainment for a diverse and engaged audience.

Connecting Through Comedy

Jess, born to an Afro-American family, uses her platform to connect with her audience. Her comedic approach transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with individuals from various walks of life.

Personal Details and Family Support

Birth Sign and Attributes

Born under the Aquarius sign on February 16, 1992, Jess Hilarious stands out not only for her comedic talent but also for her physical attributes—black hair and captivating black eyes.

Family Support

Behind the laughter is a supportive family. Jess cherishes the unwavering support of her parents, Kevin and Robin Moore, who have played a pivotal role in her journey.

Jess Hilarious Quick Bio

Snapshot of Key Details

Let’s take a glance at Jess Hilarious’ bio. From her birthplace in Baltimore, Maryland, to her American nationality and Aquarius birth sign—these details shape the persona behind the laughter.

Comedic Club Recognition

As a well-known member of the Comedian Club at FamousFaceWiki, Jess Hilarious stands alongside other comedians, contributing to the vibrant comedy scene in the United States.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Unveiling Net Worth

Intrigued by the financial side? Jess Hilarious boasts an estimated net worth ranging from $1 Million to $5 Million as of 2020. Her primary income source? The profession that she has mastered—comedy.

Lifestyle and Sources of Income

Beyond the laughter, Jess leads a lifestyle that reflects her success. Her income streams, bolstered by comedy ventures and media appearances, contribute to her financial stability.

Relationship Status

Love Life with Chris

Jess Hilarious’ love life involves a relationship with Chris. While she keeps her personal life private, the presence of Chris is known. As of now, she hasn’t publicly embraced marital status, preferring to keep personal affairs away from the spotlight.

Family Ties

Adding another layer to her life, Jess is a mother to Ashton Amar James. The dynamics of motherhood blend seamlessly with her comedic pursuits, showcasing the multifaceted nature of this comedy sensation.

Facts and Achievements

Quick Facts

Born on February 16, 1992, in Baltimore, Maryland, Jess is celebrated for her comedic prowess. Her net worth, estimated between $1 Million and $5 Million, underscores her success in the entertainment industry.

Comedic Recognition

Featured on prominent platforms such as BET, VH1, TMZ, and Centri networks, Jess has become a household name in the world of comedy. Her journey continues, with aspirations to grace the big screen.


In conclusion, Jess Hilarious transcends the conventional boundaries of comedy, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Her journey, marked by authenticity, humor, and a deep connection with her audience, symbolizes the power of laughter in bringing people together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Jess Hilarious? Jess Hilarious, born Jessica Robin Moore on February 16, 1992, in Baltimore, Maryland, is a renowned British-American comedian celebrated for her charismatic presence and relatable humor.

How did Jess Hilarious rise to fame?

Jess Hilarious garnered widespread recognition through her stand-up comedy and her role in MTV’s Wild N Out Season 9, showcasing her distinctive blend of humor and authenticity.

What are Jess’s background and birth details?

Born to Kevin and Robin Moore on February 16, 1992, in Baltimore, Jess displayed an early talent for entertaining others, foreshadowing her impressive comedy career.

What is Jess’s experience on MTV’s Wild N Out?

Jess was notably featured on MTV’s Wild N Out Season 9, where her comedic brilliance significantly contributed to the show’s success. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and comedy, she demonstrated remarkable versatility.

How popular is Jess on social media?

With a substantial following of 5 million on Instagram, Jess Hilarious utilizes the platform to share her comedic commentary, offering laughter and entertainment to a diverse audience.

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