Kalyn Lanae Sloan: Exploring the Life of Renee Sloan’s Daughter


If you’re familiar with the renowned actor Renee Sloan, chances are you’ve heard about her daughter, Kalyn Lanae Lanae’ Sloan. In this article, we’ll dive into the details surrounding Kalyn’s early life, family dynamics, and her mother’s illustrious career.

Kalyn Lanae’ Sloan’s Early Life and Family

Born in August 1989 in the United States, Kalyn Lanae Sloan is the daughter of the famous actor Renee Sloan and her former husband, Mitchell Robinson. Additionally, her step-father is the well-known television director, actor, and producer Scott Baio. Kalyn has a half-sister named Bailey Baio, born shortly after her parents’ marriage in November 2007.

Who is Kalyn’s Mother?

Renee Sloan, Kalyn LanaeLanae’ Sloan’s mother, is a celebrated stuntwoman and actor with a diverse television and movie appearances portfolio. Born in Tennessee in December 1972, Renee pursued her education at the Lindon School of Economics and Political Science, obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration.

Despite her academic background, Renee followed her passion for acting, leading to significant roles in various films and television shows, including the iconic “Baywatch” series aired in 1998. Her marriage to Scott Baio in 2007 added to her personal and professional happiness, culminating in the birth of their daughter, Bailey Baio.

While Renee’s marriage to Scott brought joy, the couple faced challenges, including losing one child during Renee’s pregnancy with twins. Despite setbacks, Renee continues to thrive in her career, residing in San Diego with her family.


In conclusion, Kalyn Lanae Sloan’s life is intricately linked with her mother’s fame and success in the entertainment industry. Despite the challenges and tragedies faced along the way, Kalyn remains a testament to resilience and familial love in adversity.


When was Kalyn Lanae Sloan born?

Kalyn LanaeLanae Sloan was born in August 1989 in the United States.

Who are Kalyn Lanae Sloan’s parents?

Kalyn LanaeLanae Sloan’s mother is Renee Sloan, and her stepfather is Scott Baio. Her biological father is Mitchell Robinson.

Does Kalyn Lanae Sloan have any siblings?

Yes, Kalyn LanaeLanae Sloan has a half-sister named Bailey Baio.

What is Renee Sloan’s profession?

Renee Sloan is a renowned stuntwoman and actor with notable appearances in various television shows and movies.

Where does Renee Sloan currently reside?

Renee Sloan resides in San Diego with her family.

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