Orianne Cevey: the Chapters of Phil Collins’ Former Partner’s Life


Table of Contents

  1. Orianne Cevey Introduction
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Orianne’s Career Journey
  4. Love Life and Marriage with Phil Collins
  5. Orianne’s Health Struggles
  6. Hobbies and Other Interests
  7. Orianne’s Net Worth
  8. Who is Phil Collins?


Explore the captivating life of Orianne Cevey, a renowned jewelry designer and former wife of British music icon Phil Collins. From her intriguing childhood to personal and professional triumphs, uncover the facets that define her journey.

Early Life and Education

Dive into Orianne’s Swiss upbringing, delving into her active childhood, sports involvement, and her journey from martial arts to becoming a black belt holder. Follow her educational pursuits at the University of Switzerland and the clash between her passion for jewelry and parental expectations.

Orianne’s Career Journey

Trace Orianne’s career evolution, starting from her role in a Swiss capital firm to establishing her event management company. Explore her foray into translation and her transition into a recognized TV personality. Learn how, in 2014, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of launching her jewelry line.

Love Life and Marriage with Phil Collins

Uncover the romantic tale of Orianne and Phil Collins, from their initial meeting during Phil’s Switzerland tour to their grand wedding in 1999. Explore their charitable endeavors, including the launch of the Little Dreams Foundation. Witness the complexities of their relationship, leading to a high-profile divorce and subsequent relationships.


Orianne’s Health Struggles

Navigate through Orianne’s health challenges, specifically the 2014 surgery that led to Brown-Sequard syndrome. Explore her determination and the months of rehabilitation required for her to regain mobility, providing insights into her strength and resilience.

Hobbies and Other Interests

Discover Orianne’s interests, from her active lifestyle and love for reading to her philanthropy work with animal shelters. Explore her love for travel, favorite movies, and her personal preferences, giving a glimpse into her life beyond the public eye.

Orianne’s Net Worth

Delve into the financial landscape of Orianne Cevey, estimating her net worth at over $20 million as of June 2020. Compare this to Phil Collins’ substantial wealth, offering a perspective on their financial standings.

Who is Phil Collins?

Briefly explore the background of Phil Collins, the acclaimed British musician, and actor. Understand his influence in the music industry, from Genesis to a successful solo career. Gain a glimpse into his personal life, marriages, and family.

Embark on a comprehensive journey through Orianne Cevey’s life, capturing the essence of her resilience, success, and intricate relationships

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Orianne Cevey

  1. What is Orianne Cevey known for?
    • Orianne Cevey is renowned as a jewelry designer and the former wife of British music icon Phil Collins. Her life story encompasses various facets, from her career journey to personal triumphs.
  2. Can you provide insights into Orianne’s early life?
    • Certainly. Orianne Cevey had an active Swiss upbringing, engaging in sports and earning a black belt in martial arts. Explore her educational pursuits at the University of Switzerland and the challenges she faced in balancing her passion for jewelry with parental expectations.

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