Orianne Cevey: The Extraordinary Journey from Divorce to Reunion



Orianne Cevey, the Swiss jewelry designer, caught the public eye through her high-profile marriage with English musician and actor, Phil Collins. From a controversial divorce settlement to unexpected reunions, Orianne’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Orianne Cevey: An Overview

Born in Nyon, Switzerland, Orianne was early interested in sports and martial arts. Despite initial career conflicts with her father, she pursued International Management at the University of Switzerland. Orianne’s professional journey began as a marketing and communications manager, eventually leading to entrepreneurship and jewelry design.

Marriage to Phil Collins

Age Gap Controversy

Orianne and Phil Collins crossed paths in 1994 during the musician’s Swiss tour. Initially hired as a translator, Orianne became an integral part of Phil’s life. Their relationship blossomed, culminating in a high-profile wedding in 1999. The 21-year age gap fueled media speculation, attracting attention from celebrities like Eric Clapton and Sir Elton John.

Foundation of ‘Little Dreams Foundation’

In 2000, Orianne and Phil co-founded the ‘Little Dreams Foundation,’ dedicated to empowering underprivileged children. Their commitment to philanthropy became a significant aspect of their union.

Family Expansion

The couple welcomed two sons, Nicholas Grev Austin, and Matthew Thomas Clemente, as they embraced family life. Phil’s decision to step back from world tours in 2002 reflected a prioritization of family over his musical career.

Million Dollar Divorce

Divorce Settlement and Media Frenzy

In 2006, Orianne and Phil’s marriage faced turbulence, resulting in a divorce finalized in 2008. The £25 million divorce settlement made headlines as one of the highest-paid in the UK at the time. Media attention intensified due to Orianne’s subsequent relationship and marriage to investment banker Charles Fouad Mejjati.

Post-Divorce Relationships

Orianne’s marriage to Charles, which led to the birth of their daughter Andrea Ryan Kylian, concluded in divorce in 2017. The high-profile relationships added layers to Orianne’s public image.

Health Struggles

Paralysis and Brown-Sequard Syndrome

In 2014, Orianne underwent neck surgery, resulting in paralysis and the diagnosis of Brown-Sequard syndrome. Legal actions followed against the hospital, and extensive rehabilitation became her path to recovery.

Rehabilitation and Resilience

Months of rehabilitation allowed Orianne to regain mobility, although she still relied on a cane. Her resilience in the face of health challenges became a testament to her strength.

The Unexpected Reunion

Phil and Orianne: Second Chapter

In January 2016, Phil and Orianne surprised the public by announcing their reunion. Phil expressed regret over their initial separation, and Orianne admitted to never stopping loving him.

Rekindling Love and Living Together

The couple currently resides together in Miami, along with their sons. Orianne hinted at the possibility of a second marriage, emphasizing the enduring love between them.

Orianne’s Continued Contributions

‘Little Dreams Foundation’ Today

Despite personal ups and downs, Orianne remains committed to the ‘Little Dreams Foundation,’ contributing to the betterment of underprivileged children.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Orianne’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives as she continues her jewelry business, offering collections for women, men, and children.

Personal Life Today


Family Life in Miami

Orianne and Phil’s family life in Miami showcases a renewed bond. Their sons, Nicholas Grev Austin and Matthew Thomas Clemente contribute to the harmonious family setting.

Orianne’s Jewelry Business

As an entrepreneur, Orianne’s website offers a range of jewelry for diverse audiences, reflecting her creative pursuits beyond her personal life.


In conclusion, Orianne Cevey’s journey is a tale of resilience, unexpected twists, and enduring love. From the controversies of a high-profile divorce to the warmth of a second chance, Orianne’s story continues to captivate. Her contributions to philanthropy and entrepreneurship underscore a woman of diverse talents and unwavering strength.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: What is the current relationship status of Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins?
    • A: As of now, Orianne and Phil are reunited and living together in Miami.
  2. Q: How many children does Orianne Cevey have?
    • A: Orianne has two sons, Nicholas Grev Austin, and Matthew Thomas Clemente, with Phil Collins.
  3. Q: What is the ‘Little Dreams Foundation,’ and is Orianne still involved?
    • A: The ‘Little Dreams Foundation’ is a philanthropic organization founded by Orianne and Phil. Orianne remains actively involved in its endeavors.
  4. Q: What caused Orianne Cevey’s paralysis, and how did she recover?
    • A: Orianne’s paralysis resulted from Brown-Sequard syndrome after neck surgery. Extensive rehabilitation enabled her to regain mobility.
  5. Q: Does Orianne Cevey continue her career in jewelry design?
    • A: Yes, Orianne is actively involved in her jewelry business, offering collections for women, men, and children.

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