Paul Mercer Ellington: Duke Ellington’s Son



Paul Mercer Ellington, son of musician Mercer Ellington, continues his family’s musical legacy while pursuing filmmaking and leading a band. Paul’s passion for music and performance blossomed when he was raised in Denmark and accompanied his father on global tours.

Educational Background

Paul’s educational journey began at the Manhattan School of Music, where he studied music for two years before transitioning to film studies. He pursued film production and screenwriting, eventually enrolling at the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia.

Career as a Musician

As a developing filmmaker and pianist, Paul leads the Duke Ellington Orchestra, showcasing his grandfather’s and his compositions. He is currently working on a screenplay titled “The Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn Story,” exploring the relationship between Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

Net Worth

While Paul Ellington’s net worth remains undisclosed, his father, Mercer Ellington, had an estimated net worth of $5 million. Paul’s focus remains on artistic endeavors rather than financial disclosures.

Relationship Status

Paul Mercer Ellington maintains privacy regarding his relationship status, preferring to keep his personal life separate from his career pursuits.

Family History

Paul is the son of Mercer Ellington and Lene Margrethe Scheid. He has three stepsiblings from his father’s other marriages, including Mercedes Ellington and Edward Kennedy Ellington II. Paul’s lineage traces back to Duke Ellington, his grandfather, who pioneered jazz music.


Paul continues to honor his family’s musical heritage through his work as a bandleader and filmmaker. With a rich family history steeped in music, Paul is poised to significantly impact the arts scene, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father.


Is Paul Mercer Ellington primarily a musician or a filmmaker?

Paul excels in both fields, leading the Duke Ellington Orchestra while pursuing a career in filmmaking.

What is Paul Mercer Ellington’s relationship with his famous grandfather, Duke Ellington?

Paul is the grandson of Duke Ellington and actively continues his musical legacy.

Does Paul disclose his net worth?

Paul prefers not to disclose financial details and focuses on artistic pursuits.

Who are Paul Mercer Ellington’s notable family members?

Paul’s family includes his father, Mercer Ellington, and several stepsiblings involved in music and performance.

What are Paul Mercer Ellington’s current projects?

Paul is developing a screenplay exploring the relationship between Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.


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