Riley Reid: Net Worth Journey



Riley Reid, the renowned American adult film actress and social media personality, has carved an impressive niche in the industry. Beyond her explicit career, Reid’s journey involves accolades, financial success, and intriguing personal choices.

Riley Reid’s Net Worth Journey

Early Beginnings in the Adult Film Industry

At the age of 19, Riley Reid ventured into the adult film industry, transitioning from a brief stint as a stripper. Her early films, including “Girl Fever” and “Grease XXX: A Parody,” set the stage for a prolific career.

Accolades and Recognition

In 2012, Reid clinched the “Best New Starlet” title at the NightMoves Awards, marking the beginning of a series of triumphs. LA Weekly even positioned her as one of the potential successors to Jenna Jameson.

OnlyFans Earnings

Riley Reid’s financial ascent continued with her remarkable success on OnlyFans. Reports suggest she earns between $500,000 and $600,000 monthly, establishing herself as one of the platform’s top earners.

Early Life of Riley Reid

Birth and Background

Born Ashley Matthews in July 1991 in Loxahatchee, Florida, Reid’s diverse heritage includes Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Irish roots. Her early years involved frequent relocations within Florida, and she briefly attended college with aspirations of becoming a teacher.

Transition to Adult Career

In 2010, at 19, Reid embraced the adult film industry under the stage name Page Riley, swiftly amassing acclaim. The NightMoves Award for Best New Starlet in 2012 signaled her emergence as a prominent figure.

Riley Reid’s Career Achievements (2010-2022)

Awards and Recognition

Reid’s accolades include eight XBIZ Awards and 14 AVN Awards, solidifying her status as one of the industry’s most celebrated stars. Notable victories encompass categories like Female Performer of the Year and Best Actress in Parody Release.

Notable Performances

Her performances in films like “Being Riley” and “The Submission of Emma Marx” garnered widespread acclaim, contributing to her multiple awards in 2014.

Financial Success Beyond Films

OnlyFans and Monthly Subscriptions

Riley Reid’s financial prowess extends to OnlyFans, where she thrives with monthly subscriptions ranging from $10 to $35.

Additional Income Streams

Apart from OnlyFans, Reid generates income through various avenues, showcasing her business acumen within the adult entertainment industry.

Riley Reid’s Net Worth Overview

As of now, Riley Reid boasts a net worth of $14 million, a testament to her multifaceted revenue streams and enduring popularity on platforms like PornHub.

Riley Reid’s Personal Life

Estrangement from Family

Despite her success, Riley Reid has shared her challenges in forming meaningful family connections, offering a glimpse into the personal toll of her chosen career.

Engagement to Pasha Petkuns

In April 2021, Reid announced her engagement to Latvian social media star Pasha Petkuns, adding a layer of personal happiness to her life.

Real Estate Ventures

Altadena, California Property

In 2019, Reid acquired a home in Altadena, California, listing it for sale in 2021 for $2.6 million.

Pasadena, California Residence

In May 2021, Riley Reid invested $4.8 million in a sprawling Pasadena property, showcasing her real estate prowess.


Riley Reid’s journey from a small town in Florida to the summits of adult entertainment reflects resilience, talent, and business acumen. Her story transcends the confines of the industry, underlining a remarkable balance between professional success and personal fulfillment.

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