Is Riley Reid Married?



Discover the captivating story behind the marriage of renowned adult film actress Riley Reid and free runner Pavel Petkuns. Dive into the details of their relationship, career accomplishments, and the reactions they faced from the public.

Who is Riley Reid?

Unravel the journey of Riley Reid, an award-winning American pornstar, from her humble beginnings in Miami, Florida, to her rise to fame in the adult film industry. Explore her accolades, career milestones, and social media presence.

Riley Reid’s Net Worth

Delve into the financial success of Riley, estimated to be around $12 million, attributed to her flourishing career in the adult entertainment industry and lucrative ventures like OnlyFans.

Who is Pavel Petkuns?

Meet Pavel ‘Pasha’ Petkuns, the husband of Riley, renowned as a free runner and Red Bull ‘Art of Motion Champion’. Learn about his background, career highlights, and impressive social media following.

Pavel Petkuns’ Net Worth

Explore the estimated net worth of Pavel Petkuns, ranging between $1-$5 million, reflecting his achievements in freerunning and substantial social media influence.

Riley Reid and Pavel Petkuns’ Wedding

Get insights into Riley Reid and Pavel Petkuns’ wedding ceremony held in Los Angeles in July 2021. Uncover the reactions and memorable moments from their special day, including Riley’s playful response to a podcaster’s question.

Riley Reid daughter

In addition to her multifaceted creative pursuits, Riley Reid, hailing from Florida, holds the role of a devoted mother to her daughter, Emma. She welcomed her first child into the world in July 2022, following her marriage to husband Pasha Petkuns in a private ceremony in Los Angeles, a year earlier.


Reflect on the unique love story of Riley and Pavel Petkuns, transcending boundaries and defying stereotypes. Celebrate their union and the journey towards finding love amidst their respective career paths.


How did Riley and Pavel Petkuns meet?

Riley Reid and Pavel Petkuns met through mutual friends and shared interests, leading to their romantic relationship and eventual marriage.

What is Pavel Petkuns’ profession?

Pavel Petkuns is renowned as a free runner and Red Bull ‘Art of Motion Champion’, showcasing his talent and athleticism on various social media platforms.

What is Riley Reid’s response to her marriage in public?

Riley responded humorously to public inquiries about her marriage, asserting her commitment and playfully dismissing unwanted attention.

Do Riley Reid and Pavel Petkuns have any children?

As of now, Riley Reid and Pavel Petkuns do not have any children together. However, they share a strong bond and continue to nurture their relationship.

How has Riley Reid’s marriage impacted her career?

Riley Reid’s marriage to Pavel Petkuns has not significantly affected her career in the adult film industry. She continues to pursue her passion while enjoying marital bliss with her husband.

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