Rob Marshall Net Worth

Rob Marshall

Rob Marshall, a renowned American movie director, choreographer, and theatre director, has carved an impressive career path in the entertainment industry. Let’s delve into the journey of this talented individual, from his humble beginnings to his current stature, including his net worth and notable achievements.

Early Life and Education

Born on October 17, 1960, in Madison, Wisconsin, Rob Marshall spent his formative years in Pittsburgh. He completed his high school education at Taylor Allderdice High School before pursuing further studies at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University.

Career Beginnings

Marshall’s journey in the entertainment world commenced as a dancer on Broadway. With dedication and perseverance, he quickly rose to the position of dance captain and eventually secured his first breakthrough as a choreographer.

Breakthrough with “Annie”

In 1999, Marshall’s career reached new heights when he was entrusted with directing the TV musical “Annie.” The film garnered widespread acclaim and marked a significant turning point in Marshall’s career, opening doors to numerous exciting opportunities.

Success with “Chicago”

One of Marshall’s crowning achievements came with the direction of the film adaptation of “Chicago.” The movie achieved remarkable success, earning accolades such as Oscars and cementing Marshall’s reputation as a formidable director in Hollywood.

Other Notable Works

Marshall’s portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects, including “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Nine,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides.” Currently, he is engrossed in his latest venture, “Into the Woods.”

Awards and Recognition

Marshall has received numerous nominations and awards throughout his career, including Tony Awards and Emmy Awards. His talent and contributions to the industry have been widely acknowledged, with Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations among his accolades.

Personal Life

Outside of his professional endeavors, Marshall resides in New York City with his partner, John Deluca, further enriching his life with love and companionship.


Rob Marshall’s journey from Broadway to Hollywood exemplifies resilience, creativity, and dedication. Marshall leaves an indelible mark on the entertainment world with an impressive net worth of $16 million and a string of successful projects.


What is Rob Marshall’s most successful movie?

Rob Marshall’s most successful movie is “Chicago,” which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2002.

How many Tony Awards nominations has Rob Marshall received?

Marshall has received six Tony Award nominations for his choreography work in theatre.

What is Rob Marshall’s current project?

Marshall is working on his new movie, “Into the Woods.”

Where does Rob Marshall reside?

Rob Marshall resides in New York City with his partner, John Deluca.

How did Rob Marshall begin his career in entertainment?

Marshall began his career as a dancer on Broadway before transitioning to become a choreographer and eventually a successful movie director.

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