Roxie J’amie Pipino: Navigating Family and the Glamorous World


Roxie J’amie Pipino, daughter of renowned American hairstylist Ric Pipino, graces the world with her presence. Born in November 2005, she is currently seventeen, balancing the realms of family, education, and the intriguing world of hairstyling.

Family Ties and Sibling Bonds

Roxie’s mother, Jenne Lombardo, is a businesswoman, and the Pipino family includes two siblings, Bowie Vincent Pipino and Valentine Pipino. Growing up, Roxie cherished quality time with her parents and now assumes a caring role for her younger siblings.

Academic Journey

Currently, in her senior year of high school, Roxie continues her educational journey, though details about her school remain undisclosed. The future holds endless possibilities for her, from following in her father’s hairstyling footsteps to exploring other passions.

The Pioneering Father: Ric Pipino

Roxie’s father, Ric Pipino, launched into his hairstyling career in Sydney, Australia, before making waves in London. Renowned for his inventive aptitude, he have become a sought-after hairstylist, featured in prestigious magazines like Harper’s & Queen and British fashion.

After conquering the UK, Ric moved to the usa, establishing himself in big apple town.

 Over two decades, he garnered success, attracting celebrities, photographers, and fashion designers. His salons, including Pipino in Miami and Melville Pipino Salon in New York, reflect his commitment to excellence.

Partnering with brands like Gurney’s, Allure, S. Pellegrino, and LeSportsac, Ric expanded his influence. He co-launched Hairstream, the first luxury mobile salon, with Gil Haziza, showcasing his innovation in the hairstyling world.

Celebrity Encounters and Global Presence

Roxie’s father, a fixture at New York and Miami fashion shows, has worked with notable figures like Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Banks, and Christie Brinkley. Based in Manhattan and Montauk, he caters to a global clientele, continually expanding his hairstyling empire.

Behind the Scenes: Family Dynamics

Despite rumors of Roxie’s parents separating, they remain amicable co-parents, emphasizing the importance of family bonds. The intriguing life of Roxie J’amie Pipino unfolds against the backdrop of her father’s illustrious hairstyling career.

Social Media Presence

While Roxie maintains a low profile on social media, her father, Ric, actively engages with his audience on Instagram. With over 18k followers, he shares glimpses of his creative work, attracting attention from personalities like actress Natalie Martinez.

In the tapestry of Roxie J’amie Pipino’s life, family, education, and the allure of hairstyling weave together, creating a captivating narrative.

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