Sam Kass: Obama’s Joyful Pause Attending Wedding



President Barack Obama took a welcome break from political pressures to attend the joyous union of his family’s longtime friend and chef, Sam Kass, as he married MSNBC host Alex Wagner.

The Venue

The enchanting evening ceremony unfolded at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a renowned farm-to-table restaurant nestled in Pocantico Hills, just north of New York City.

Presidential Bond

President Obama’s close relationship with Chef Sam Kass took center stage during the event. This bond was particularly evident earlier in the month when, amidst global turmoil, Obama spent hours at Kass’ apartment, emphasizing the significance of their friendship.

The Wedding Details

Attending the ceremony were President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha. The venue, a favorite of both Kass and Mrs. Obama, had previously hosted world leaders’ spouses in 2010.

The Guest List

Chef Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner’s union highlighted the crossover between media and politics. The expected guest list, featuring both White House staff and members from the liberal-leaning cable news outlet, underscores the connections between the media and the subjects they cover.

A Culinary Connection

Chef Sam Kass’s journey with the Obamas began in Chicago, where he prepared meals for the family. Joining them at the White House, Kass became one of the longest-serving aides, also contributing as a senior nutrition policy adviser and the executive director of the first lady’s anti-childhood obesity initiative.

Presidential Presence at Weddings

While Obama’s attendance at weddings is not unprecedented, it adds a personal touch to the presidency. Notable instances include hosting a Rose Garden wedding for the chief official photographer and attending the backyard wedding of Valerie Jarrett’s daughter.

Symbolic Gestures

The participation of presidents in weddings often holds symbolic significance. From Bill Clinton being the best man for his brother to Ronald Reagan participating in his daughter’s wedding, these moments reflect the human side of political figures.


In summary, Obama’s presence at Chef Sam Kass and Alex Wagner’s wedding provides a heartwarming view of personal connections transcending political duties. The event is a testament to enduring friendships within the political realm when politics and media converge in celebratory moments.

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