Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch, Personal Life and Net Worth


Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch is a popular superstar youngster. Her mom Liberty Mariposa is a former Venezuelan actress who is satisfactorily regarded for her stellar appearance in the film ‘Kate’s Mystery’. There is already an excessive amount available approximately the mom of Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch. So, nowadays let’s communicate about Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch herself.

We can discuss Scarlette’s early life, adolescence, family, siblings, education, employment, net worth, and all other relevant aspects here, in this text.

Personal life.

On July 2, 2001, Liberty Phoenix and Ernesto Asch welcomed Scarlette into the world. Scarlette’s exact birthplace is unknown. Other than her parents’ names and date of birth, little else is known about Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch’s early life.

Her father’s nationality is unknown, but her mother is from Venezuela. Moving on, the public is also in the dark about Scarlette Jasmine’s romantic life. Given that she is 21 years old, we anticipate that she may be in a relationship. However, Scarlette Jasmine has not personally attested to this.

Parents and siblings.

Liberty Phoenix and Ernesto Asch’s adorable kid is Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch. In 1996, her mother and father tied the knot, and they were together until 2003. They had three children together, Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch included.

Rio Everest Phoenix Asch and Indigo Orion Phoenix Asch are Scarlette Jasmine’s siblings. Indigo Orion Phoenix Asch, Scarlette Jasmine’s brother, is already worthless. When discussing Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch’s career, her father’s work isn’t well known, but her mother is a well-known actress.


With the reality that the private existence of Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch is under wraps, it isn’t always known whether or not she is married and has youngsters or now not.

Schooling and career.

The adored daughter of Liberty Phoenix and Ernesto Asch, Scarlette Jasmine, is from a family that has experienced its fair share of highs and lows. Her parents were married in 1996 and had three daughters together, Scarlette Jasmine Phoenix-Asch, between them. Their marriage lasted until 2003.

Rio Everest Phoenix Asch and Indigo Orion Phoenix Asch are two of her siblings. Sadly, Indigo Orion Phoenix Asch, Scarlette’s brother, passed away. Scarlette’s mother is a well-known actress, but not many people are aware of the specifics of her father’s work history.

Reason for the recognition.

Of course, the issue that makes Scarlette Jasmine popular is her mom, Liberty Mariposa, who has installed herself as a hit actress. The duo of mom and daughter stocks an awesome bonding too that offers Scarlette Jasmine some other cause to turn out to be popular.

Net well-worth.

As we’ve already mentioned, Scarlette Jasmine’s occupation is unknown to the general public, thus it’s impossible to predict her online safety. Nonetheless, Scarlette Jasmine may be confident of one thing. Has been living a high-priced life, as her actress mother holds a superb net well worth of around 8 million right now.


Proper now, the young girl is at the age when humans begin their profession and dream of making something large in their existence. We are pretty positive that Scarlette Jasmine could have the same desires and needs to be trying tough to attain her desires.

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