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Kristina Basham, aged 34, is renowned as a model, social media influencer, and musician, boasting a staggering Instagram following of up to 3.9 million, where she regularly shares captivating images.

Her pursuits extend beyond the realm of modeling, as she actively participates in various ventures, including charitable work with non-profit organizations. Notably, Basham is famously wedded to Scott Raymond Adams, the esteemed American artist acclaimed for creating the iconic Dilbert comic strip.

Kristina Basham, 31 Years Scott Adams’ Junior

Kristina stands as Scott Adams’ junior by 31 years, with Adams currently aged 65. Their committed relationship spans several years, with aspirations to build a lifelong union together. Both have previously experienced marriages, with Adams having been previously wed to Shelly Miles, a union that commenced in 2006. Though their paths diverged in 2014, reports suggest an amicable separation.

Her First Marriage to Chad Basham and Parenthood

Reports indicate Kristina’s earlier marriage to Chad Basham during her collegiate years, although details regarding her former spouse remain undisclosed. From this union, Kristina is blessed with two children named Hazel and Marin Hilsabeck.

Speculation surrounds the dissolution of her marriage, with Kristina’s multitude of roles as a wife, and mother, and her myriad of other commitments believed to be contributing factors.

Kristina Basham and Scott Adams: A Tale of Love

Kristina Basham and Scott Adams’ romance blossomed in 2016, drawing considerable attention due to their notable age difference of over three decades. Despite public scrutiny, their love endured, culminating in an engagement on December 25, 2019, followed by nuptials on July 11, 2020.

The couple now shares a harmonious life, residing with Kristina’s children from her previous marriage, devoid of any reported marital discord since their union.

Early Life and Background of Scott Adams’ Spouse

Basham’s roots trace back to San Francisco, California, born to a father of Italian and French descent and a mother of Middle Eastern and German heritage. Overcoming the challenges of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder during her formative years with unwavering familial support, she pursued academic excellence.

Kristina earned a degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, followed by a master’s degree in financial economics from Berkeley Graduate School and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from a Californian university.

Ascending to Stardom as an Instagram Luminary

Post her academic pursuits, Basham ventured into modeling, securing lucrative contracts with agencies in New York and London. She graced campaigns for esteemed brands such as Balenciaga, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, and Tommy Hilfiger, simultaneously serving as a brand ambassador for renowned names like Aston Martin, Disney, Emirates Airlines, and Nissan.

Transitioning from the fashion world to entrepreneurship, she founded Le Vasseur Confectionary in the San Francisco Bay Area. Concurrently, she maintained her digital presence on Instagram, amassing an impressive following that now exceeds 3.9 million. Basham’s multifaceted career journey as an educated economist and astute entrepreneur has culminated in an estimated net worth of £3 million.

(FAQs) about Kristina Basham and Scott Raymond Adams:

Who is Kristina Basham?

Kristina Basham is a well-known model, social media influencer, and musician with a significant following on Instagram. She shares captivating images on her profile and is actively involved in various charitable endeavors.

Who is Scott Raymond Adams and how is he related to Kristina Basham?

Scott Raymond Adams is a highly regarded American artist renowned for creating the iconic Dilbert comic strip. He is Kristina Basham’s husband.

What is the age difference between Kristina Basham and Scott Raymond Adams?

Kristina Basham, aged 34, is 31 years younger than her husband, Scott Raymond Adams, who is 65 years old.

Has Scott Raymond Adams been married before?

Yes, Scott Raymond Adams was previously married to Shelly Miles, with their marriage beginning in 2006. However, they separated in 2014, reportedly on amicable terms.


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