Scott Porter Holden: Unveiling the Legacy of a Hollywood Icon


Table of Contents

  • Scott Porter Holden
  • Personal Life
  • Parents and Siblings
  • Children
  • Education and Profession
  • Reason for the Popularity of Scott Porter Holden
  • Net Worth of Scott Porter Holden
  • Conclusion

Personal Life

Scott Porter Holden born on May 2, 1946, in Los Angeles, California, was an eminent actor whose legacy endures beyond his time. In her personal life not much is known about his early years. Tragically, he passed away on January 21, 2005, in San Diego, California, succumbing to cancer.

In the realm of personal relationships, Scott was married twice. His first marriage was to Shirley Dorise Magrath, and following its end, he tied the knot with Claude Detraz in 1979, remaining together until his final days.

Parents and Siblings

Born to the acclaimed actors William Holden and Brenda Marshall, Scott had a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. His siblings included Peter Westfield Holden, Virginia Holden, and Arleen Newman.


Sources suggest that Scott had three children from his second marriage to Claude Detraz, although their names remain undisclosed.

Education and Profession

Benefiting from a privileged upbringing, Scott pursued higher education at Menlo College SBA, majoring in business administration. Scant on early education specifics, his professional journey resonates with success as he became an accomplished actor.

Reason for the Popularity of Scott Porter Holden

Scott Porter Holden’s popularity was a reflection of his accomplishments. He earned widespread acclaim as a stellar actor, becoming a household name in the industry. Even after his demise, his legacy continues to resonate.

Net Worth of Scott Porter Holden

With a flourishing acting career, Scott amassed an impressive net worth. Till his passing in 2005, the legendary actor’s wealth was estimated at around 5 million.


Although Scott is no longer with us, his impact remains palpable. A beloved star of the masses, he transcended time, leaving behind a legacy that testifies to his greatness as both an actor and a human being. Today, his name lives on as a testament to the enduring allure of a Hollywood icon. Discover more about the life and times of Scott, a true legend.

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