Sissi Bomer, mother of American Actor Matt Bomer



Sissi Bomer, also known by her birth name Elizabeth Macy, has become a notable figure in the public eye due to her association with her renowned son, Matt Bomer.

Sissi Bomer Family

Their son, Matthew Staton, gained fame as an actor and was born on October 11, 1977, in Webster Groves, USA. Matt has two siblings, a brother named Neill Bomer and a sister named Megan Bomer. Notably, he shares a distant cousin relationship with the well-known American singer Justin Timberlake.

Megan, Matt’s sister, tied the knot with Chris Bohill, a Product Marketing Manager at Mobideo Technologies Ltd, in 2011. In the same year, Matt Bomer married publicist Simon Halls. The couple added to their family through surrogacy, welcoming Kit Bomer Halls in 2005, followed by twin brothers, Walker and Henry Bomer Halls.

Despite Matt’s professional success, his personal life took center stage when he publicly came out as gay in 2012. In an interview, he disclosed that both his parents, including his mother Sissi, were initially shocked by the revelation. However, the family eventually embraced the truth positively, with Sissi providing unwavering support to her son throughout his journey.

Sissi Bomer’s Net Worth

Sissi Bomer and her husband John, transitioning from football to business, enjoy a private life. John serves as a board member at Bomer Blanks Lumber Company. The couple’s net worth, undisclosed but estimated at over $25 million, reflects their children’s successes.

Neill Bomer, the family’s civil engineer, is currently the project manager at Crestwood Midstream Partners LP. Megan, formerly the head of commercial development at Intermarine LLC, now held the position of commercial manager since 2014.

The renowned actor Matt Bomer has an impressive career and accomplishments.

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