Tracey Gold: A Journey Through Fame, Struggles, and Triumphs


Tracey Gold, born on May 16, 1969, gained fame as Carol Seaver on the 1980s sitcom Growing Pains. This article delves into her personal life, career, and the challenges she faced, including a battle with anorexia.


In this section, we’ll provide a brief overview of Tracey Gold’s life, highlighting her role as a former child star and her significant impact on the entertainment industry.

Meeting Roby Marshall and Marriage

Explore the connection between Tracey Gold and her husband, Roby Marshall, detailing their meeting through Growing Pains co-star Joanna Kerns and their marriage in 1994. Discuss their family, including their four sons.

Room to Grow: An Appetite for Life

Cover Gold’s struggle with anorexia and her journey to recovery, emphasizing the book she wrote in 2003, “Room to Grow: An Appetite for Life,” co-authored with Julie McCarron.

Legal Troubles: The Drunken Driving Incident

Provide details of the 2005 incident where Gold pleaded guilty to felony drunken driving, discussing the consequences and how it impacted her personal life.

Acting Career Beginnings

Explore Gold’s early foray into acting at the age of four, including her roles in canceled series, film appearances, and her Pepsi print ad.

Growing Pains and Teen Stardom

Discuss Gold’s audition for the role of Carol Seaver on Growing Pains, her success in the show, and the challenges she faced, including battling anorexia during her teen years.

Post-Growing Pains Career

Detail Gold’s career after Growing Pains, including television movies, reality shows, and hosting gigs. Highlight her participation in Celebrity Mole and the movie Safe Harbor.

Return to Sitcoms and Recent Projects

Discuss Gold’s return to sitcoms with appearances on Melissa & Joey and Heartbreakers. Highlight her victory in Worst Cooks in America’s twenty-fourth season.

Battle with Anorexia

Examine Gold’s early struggles with dieting, her diagnosis of anorexia at age 11, and the escalation of the disorder, leading to hospitalization and suspension from Growing Pains.


Summarize Tracey Gold’s remarkable journey, emphasizing her triumph over anorexia, successful career, and advocacy work


  1. Is Tracey Gold still acting?
    • Explore Tracey Gold’s current involvement in the entertainment industry.
  2. How did the drunken driving incident affect her career?
    • Discuss the impact of the 2005 incident on Tracey Gold’s personal and professional life.
  3. What is Tracey Gold’s role in “Worst Cooks in America”?
    • Provide information on Gold’s participation and victory in the cooking show.
  4. How many books has Tracey Gold written?
    • Explore Tracey Gold’s literary contributions, including the book co-authored with Julie McCarron.
  5. Is Tracey Gold still involved in advocacy work for eating disorders?
    • Discuss Gold’s ongoing efforts in advocating for those struggling with eating disorders.

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