Valentina Ivanova Zubareff: Cantinflas’s Beloved Wife

Valentina Ivanova Zubareff


Valentina Ivanova Zubareff was a prominent figure in Mexican theatre and the beloved wife of the legendary actor and comedian Cantinflas. In this article, we explore the fascinating life journey of Valentina, her contributions to Mexican entertainment, and her enduring legacy.

Early Life

Valentina Ivanova Zubareff was born on October 27, 1915, in Russia. In 1919, amidst the Russian Civil War, her family migrated to Mexico, seeking refuge. This early experience shaped her resilience and cultural diversity.

Carpa Valentina Theatre

In Mexico, Valentina’s family established the Carpa Valentina traveling theatre company. Valentina and her mother and sisters became integral performers in this theatre, showcasing their talents in dance and entertainment across Mexico.

Meeting Cantinflas

During her tenure at the Carpa Valentina, Valentina met Cantinflas, a rising star in Mexican cinema and comedy. Their encounter would mark the beginning of a profound personal and professional partnership.

Marriage and Family Life

Valentina Ivanova Zubareff married Cantinflas in October 1936. Together, they navigated the complexities of show business and family life. They adopted their only child, Mario Moreno Ivanova, solidifying their bond as a family.

Valentina’s Passing

Tragically, Valentina succumbed to bone cancer in 1966 at the age of 51. Her passing left an indelible mark on Cantinflas and the Mexican entertainment industry.


Valentina Ivanova Zubareff’s life epitomized resilience, artistry, and love. Her legacy lives on through her contributions to Mexican theatre and her enduring impact on Cantinflas’s life and career.


Who was Valentina Ivanova Zubareff?

Valentina Ivanova Zubareff was the wife of the iconic Mexican actor Cantinflas.

How did Valentina meet Cantinflas?

Valentina met Cantinflas during their tenure at the Carpa Valentina Traveling Theatre.

What was Valentina’s role in the Carpa Valentina theatre?

Valentina, her mother, and her sisters performed as dancers in the Carpa Valentina theatre.

When did Valentina Zubareff pass away?

Valentina Zubareff passed away in 1966 at the age of 51 due to bone cancer.

What was Valentina’s impact on Cantinflas’s life?

Valentina played a crucial role in supporting Cantinflas’s career and family life, impacting his legacy.


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