Zoe Grace Quaid: A Look into the Life of a Celebrity Kid


Zoe Grace Quaid, the daughter of renowned American actor Dennis Quaid and business professional Kimberly Buffington, is a charming and adorable kid who has grown up amidst the glitz and glam of Hollywood.

Early Life and Childhood

Zoe came into the world on November 8, 2007, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Born alongside her twin brother Thomas Boone Quaid, she entered the bustling city of Santa Monica, Calif. Her birth marked the expansion of the Quaid family, which already included her half-brother Jack Quaid from Dennis’s previous marriage to Meg Ryan.

At birth, Zoe weighed five lb. 9 oz. And they arrived just two minutes after her brother, Thomas, weighed six lb. 12 oz. However, they encountered early drama when, at just ten days old, hospital staff mistakenly administered a dosage of heparin, a blood thinner, that exceeded the standard infant dose by 1000 times. Fortunately, both Zoe and Thomas recovered from the incident.

Professional Life

As a teenager, Zoe is primarily focused on her studies. However, being born into a family deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry, she is no stranger to the world of fame. Her mother, Kimberly Buffington, works as a real estate agent in Austin, Texas, while her father, Dennis Quaid, boasts a successful career spanning decades in Hollywood.


Dennis Quaid’s filmography is extensive, featuring memorable roles in movies such as ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ (1989), ‘Dragonheart’ (1996), ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ (2004), and ‘Soul Surfer’ (2011), among others. Beyond his acting prowess, Dennis has also been actively involved in charitable endeavors, organizing events like the “Dennis Quaid Charity Weekend” in Austin, Texas, which supported local children’s charities.

Personal Life

At just 13 years old, Zoe is too young to be involved in romantic relationships. Her focus remains on her education and personal growth. In contrast, her parents, Dennis and Kimberly, shared a romantic journey that began in 2004 and culminated in marriage on July 4. However, after over a decade, the couple decided to part ways, filing for divorce in 2016.

Body Measurements

As a young teenager, Zoe stands at 4 feet 8 inches tall. With her age and body constantly evolving, her physical measurements are subject to change. Nonetheless, she possesses beautiful features, including blonde hair and captivating blue eyes.

Social Media and Net Worth

Despite growing up in a digital age, Zoe has avoided social media platforms, preferring a more private life. As for her net worth, Zoe shares in the wealth accumulated by her parents, with her father, Dennis Quaid, boasting an estimated net worth of around $30 million as of December 2020.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Zoe Grace Quaid active on social media?

No, Zoe Grace Quaid, a young teenager, is inactive on social media platforms. She prefers to maintain a private life away from the public eye.

What is Zoe Grace Quaid’s relationship status?

Currently, Zoe Grace Quaid is focused on her studies and personal growth. She is too young to be involved in any romantic relationships.

What are the professions of Zoe Grace Quaid’s parents?

Zoe’s mother, Kimberly Buffington, works as a real estate agent in Austin, Texas, while her father, Dennis Quaid, actively participates in charitable endeavors. He organizes events like the “Dennis Quaid Charity Weekend” in Austin, Texas, supporting local children’s charities.

What charitable work has Dennis Quaid undertaken?

Dennis Quaid has actively engaged in charitable endeavors, including organizing events like the “Dennis Quaid Charity Weekend” in Austin, Texas.

How tall is Zoe Grace Quaid?


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