Dylan Christopher Marshall: Teen Behind the Celebrity Name



In the realm of celebrity families, one name stands out—Dylan Christopher Marshall, the son of renowned actress Tracey Gold. Let’s unravel the layers of Dylan’s life beyond the glitz and glamour.

Personal Details

Full Name and Birthdate

Meet Dylan Christopher Marshall, born on April 1, 2008. At the tender age of 14, this aspiring actor and celebrity kid have piqued curiosity.

3. Early Life

Dylan came into the world in the United States, a testament to the union of Tracey Gold and Roby Marshall. He shares his home with three brothers—Sage Gold Marshall, Aiden Michael Marshall, and Bailey Vincent Marshall.


The youngest of the siblings, Dylan’s brothers Sage, Aiden, and Bailey, add a familial charm to his journey.


At 14, Dylan is navigating the halls of education, although the specifics of his academic journey remain shrouded.

Career Beginnings

Dylan Christopher Marshall not only carries the mantle of being a celebrity kid but also harbors dreams of making a mark in the film industry.

Aspiring Actor

While still in the nascent stages of his acting journey, Dylan’s ambitions echo the family legacy in the entertainment realm

 Mother’s Struggles

Tracey Gold’s battles with Anorexia nervosa are part of the family’s narrative, a testament to her resilience and recovery with professional help.

 Acting Career

Dylan’s mother, Tracey Gold, boasts a rich acting career, gracing both movies and TV shows with her versatile performances.

 Mother’s Legal Troubles

A dark chapter unfolded in 2004 when Tracey Gold faced legal consequences for a DUI incident, that caused injuries to her family.

Legal Consequences

The aftermath saw legal repercussions, including community service hours and probation, shedding light on the consequences of her actions.


Dylan Christopher Marshall emerges as the focal point of the Gold-Marshall family narrative. As he charts his course in the limelight, we eagerly anticipate the chapters yet to be written. Stay tuned for more updates on this budding star.

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