Tanen Debarge: the Life of a Celebrity Kid



Tanen Debarge, recognized as a celebrity kid, inherits his fame from his illustrious father, a prominent American singer and songwriter known as El DeBarge.

Early Life and Birth Details

Tanen’s formative years remain shrouded in thriller. Believed to be born around 1991 in the United States, he holds American nationality and embraces Caucasian ethnicity. Notwithstanding his superstar popularity, birth info past the year 1991 stay elusive.

Love Life Speculations

Delving into Tanen’s personal life, especially his romantic entanglements, proves to be a mystery to the public. At 31, one can assume he may have had romantic relationships, but details remain private.

Family Ties


Tanen Debarge is the adopted son of the renowned El DeBarge and Monica DeBarge. Details about his parents’ marriage and its duration remain undisclosed.


Tanen is not the sole descendant of El DeBarge. His father has 11 biological children, including Kennedy DeBarge, Zach DeBarge, Jordan DeBarge, and Bobbie DeBarge.

Parents’ Professions

While El DeBarge is celebrated as a singer and songwriter, Monica DeBarge’s profession remains unknown.

Children and Personal Life

At 31, Tanen may have children, yet no confirmation has been provided by Tanen or his parents.

Education and Profession

Efforts to unearth information about Tanen’s education and profession were in vain. Neither Tanen nor his parents have disclosed details on these aspects.

Popularity Rooted in Father’s Stardom

Tanen Debarge’s popularity stems from his father’s colossal success in the music industry. El DeBarge, though reserved about his children in the public eye, has inadvertently catapulted Tanen into the realm of celebrity.

Net Worth Enigma

Tanen’s precise net worth stays unknown due to undisclosed information about his career. But, as the son of a rich father, he enjoys an existence of opulence. As of 2022, El DeBarge boasts a sizeable internet worth of around 400 thousand.


Tanen Debarge, despite his celebrity lineage, maintains a discreet persona, guarding the details of his personal and professional life. His enigmatic nature adds to the allure, making Tanen Debarge a truly private individual.

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