Edmonia Sue Coleman: Edmond’s mother


Sue, also known as Edmonia Sue Coleman, played a crucial role in the life of her famous son, Gary Coleman. This article explores Edmonia Sue’s journey, her steadfast determination, and the challenges she faced as a single mother raising a child who would become a beloved movie star.


Edmonia Sue Coleman, born in 1949 in Zion, Illinois, won recognition through her son Gary Coleman’s repute. This newsletter explores her non-public and expert lifestyles, highlighting her effect on Gary’s course to stardom.

Early Life of Edmonia Sue Coleman

Sue faced challenges in her early life, from a modest upbringing to navigating the intricacies of marriage and eventual divorce from W.G. Coleman, Gary’s father. Limited details are available about her early education, but her commitment to improving her family’s life shines through.

Move to California and Career

In the Sixties, Sue moved to California, where she took on numerous roles within the healthcare industry. Working as a nurse’s assistant and in hospitals, she exhibited resilience and a strong painting ethic, striving to support her children in the face of adversity.

Strong Work Ethic and Dedication

Edmonia Sue Coleman’s commitment to imparting for her family, mainly as a single mother, is a testament to her strong painting ethic. Her unwavering determination stimulated her children, inclusive of Gary, to pursue success in their personal lives.

Gary Coleman: The superstar Son

Born on February 8, 1968, in Zion, Illinois, Gary Coleman became a household name for his role in the television display “Diff’hire Strokes.” regardless of his fulfillment, personal and economic struggles, such as health challenges and felony battles, marked Gary’s existence.

Personal and Monetary Struggles of Gary Coleman

Gary faced congenital kidney sickness, leading to a couple of surgeries and transplants. Prison issues surrounding economic management led to his statement of financial disaster in 1999. Despite setbacks, Gary remained lively in the enjoyment industry, leaving an indelible mark.

Legacy of Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman’s impact on popular culture, notably through “Diff’rent Strokes,” remains significant. Despite a modest net worth at his passing on May 28, 2010, at the age of forty-two, Gary Coleman’s contributions to the entertainment industry remained substantial.


In the end, Edmonia Sue Coleman’s journey, marked by using resilience and determination, formed the lifestyles of her son, Gary. Whilst dealing with private and financially demanding situations, Sue’s guide and Gary’s enduring legacy highlight the strength of a mom’s have effect on.

Wrapping Up

Sue’s unwavering support for Gary through financial and personal struggles showcases the strength of family bonds. Her enduring influence persists, even after her passing in 2010.

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