Lewis Tipton Stringer Huntley: A Pioneer TV Reporter



Lewis Tipton Stringer Huntley, affectionately known as “Tippy,” carved her niche as a pioneering American TV reporter. This article delves into the extraordinary life and legacy of this trailblazing journalist.

Early Life and Roots

Born on July 15, 1930, in Illinois, USA, Tippy’s roots lay in the union of Arthur Campbell and Lewis Frances Stringer. Discover the origins that shaped her remarkable journey.

Tippy’s Career Soar

Explore Tippy’s ascent in the world of journalism, starting with her stint at WRC TV in 1953. Uncover her role as the iconic Weather Girl and her groundbreaking use of a wireless mic.

Breaking Barriers: A Wireless Mic Trailblazer

Witness Tippy’s trailblazing moment as the first lady to utilize a wireless mic for news presentations, marking a pivotal shift in broadcasting technology.

Tippy’s Artistic Flair

Delve into the artistic side of Tippy, especially her notable cartoon sketch featured in Life Magazine in 1955, showcasing her talent beyond the newsroom.

Love Stories: Marital Journey

Follow Tippy’s romantic journey, from her marriage to Chet Huntley to finding love again with Hollywood actor William Conard Jr.

Tippy’s Multifaceted Personality

Uncover the layers of Tippy’s personality, from her founding of the Stringer Foundation to active participation in advocacy groups and her commitment to reproductive education.

A Fond Farewell: Tippy’s Later Years

Explore Tippy’s later years, including her role as a lecturer, her second marriage, and her eventual resting place alongside William Conard Jr.

Remembering Tippy: Legacy and Contributions

Reflect on Tippy’s lasting legacy, spanning two centuries and leaving an indelible mark on journalism, activism, and charitable work.


In conclusion, Lewis Tipton Stringer Huntley, aka Tippy, remains an institution, transcending time. Her impactful life touched various realms, leaving a legacy that resonates.

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