Erick Kreutzberger: The Father Behind Don Francisco’s Legacy



If you’ve ever enjoyed watching the legendary Spanish-speaking television show “Sabados Gigantes,” then you’re already familiar with the iconic host, Don Francisco. But behind every great figure is a supportive family, and in the case of Don Francisco, it’s his father, Erick Kreutzberger, who played a significant role in shaping his life.

Personal Life of Erick Kreutzberger:

Early Life and Family Background:

Erick Kreutzberger was born on April 2, 1905, in Deutschland, Germany, to Max Kreutzberger and Carolina Kreutzberger. Raised alongside his younger sister, Frida Kreutzberger, Erick’s upbringing was marked by a blend of German and Chilean cultures.

Marriage and Children:

Erick tied the knot with Anna Kreutzberger, formerly Blumenfeld Neufeld, in adulthood. Together, they welcomed their only son, Mario Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, into the world on December 28, 1940.

Holocaust Survivor:

As a German Jew, Erick Kreutzberger endured the horrors of the Holocaust, surviving its atrocities. His experiences during this dark period of history undoubtedly influenced his outlook on life and the values he instilled in his son, Mario.

All about Don Francisco:

Early Life and Family:

Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, famously known as Don Francisco, was born into the Kreutzberger family on December 28, 1940, in Talca, Chile. His father, Erick Kreutzberger, was a German immigrant, while his mother, Anna Blumenfeld, hailed from Chilean descent.

Career Beginnings:

Don Francisco initially assisted his father in running a clothing store. However, his destiny awaited in the world of television, where he would eventually leave an indelible mark.

Hosting Career:

In 1962, Don Francisco embarked on his illustrious hosting career by taking the helm of “Sábado Gigante.” This immensely popular show would become his platform for over five decades, solidifying his status as a television icon.

Charitable Work:

Beyond entertainment, Don Francisco dedicated himself to philanthropy. He established the Mario Kreutzberger Blumenfeld Foundation, aiding underprivileged children and families. His philanthropic efforts earned him recognition as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Retirement and Legacy:

Following a prolific career, Don Francisco retired from television but continued his philanthropic endeavors. His impact on Chilean television and his contributions to society is a testament to his enduring legacy.


Erick Kreutzberger’s journey ended on April 6, 2000, leaving a legacy of resilience and determination. His son, Mario Kreutzberger, carried forth his father’s spirit, achieving unparalleled success as Don Francisco. Together, they’ve left an indelible mark on the entertainment world, forever remembered for their contributions to Chilean culture and beyond.


Was Erick Kreutzberger involved in the entertainment industry like his son?

While Erick Kreutzberger pursued business ventures, his son, Mario, found fame as the beloved host, Don Francisco.

What made “Sábado Gigante” such a successful show?

“Sábado Gigante” captivated audiences with its diverse segments, lively atmosphere, and Don Francisco’s charismatic presence.

Did Erick Kreutzberger live to see his son’s success?

Yes, Erick witnessed his son’s rise to fame before passing away in 2000.

What inspired Don Francisco to engage in philanthropy?

Don Francisco’s upbringing and experiences motivated him to give back to society through charitable initiatives.

How is Don Francisco remembered today?

Don Francisco is fondly remembered as a cultural icon, revered for his contributions to television and humanitarian efforts.

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