Mildred Virginia Hart: The Mother Behind a Hollywood Legend

Mildred Virginia Hart

Introduction to Mildred Virginia Hart

Mildred Virginia Hart, although not widely recognized, played a significant role in shaping the life of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, Robert Duvall. In this article, we delve into the life and background of Mildred Virginia Hart, shedding light on her lesser-known yet impactful journey.

Early Life and Family Background

Born on August 26, 1901, in Missouri, USA, Mildred Virginia Hart hailed from the esteemed Lee Family of Virginia. While details about her parents and siblings remain elusive, her family boasted a rich heritage entrenched in politics and military service.

Marriage and Personal Life

1928, Mildred Virginia Hart tied the knot with Admiral William Howard Duvall, a distinguished United States Navy rear admiral. Their marital union endured until the passing of Admiral Duvall in 1984. A year later, on March 11, 1985, Mildred Virginia Hart breathed her last in Alexandria City, Virginia, USA. She found her final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery.

Parenting and Children

During her marriage to Admiral Duvall, Mildred Virginia bore three sons: Robert Duvall, William Jr., and John. Among them, Robert Duvall emerged as the most illustrious, carving a niche for himself in acting.

Education and Professional Journey

The educational background of Mildred Virginia remains shrouded in mystery, with no explicit details available. However, it is known that she pursued a career as an amateur actress. While her acting endeavors may not have garnered widespread acclaim, she navigated her professional journey with poise and determination.

Popularity and Recognition

Mildred Virginia Hart’s association with the entertainment industry and her prestigious family lineage contributed to her modest popularity. However, she is predominantly remembered for her role as the mother of Robert Duvall, whose towering success in Hollywood further elevated her status.

Net Worth Speculation

Although specific details about Mildred Virginia Hart’s net worth are unavailable, her stint as an actress likely yielded considerable earnings. However, the exact figure remains undisclosed. In contrast, her son Robert Duvall boasts an estimated net worth of approximately 70 million as of 2022.


Mildred Virginia Hart, though relatively unknown to many, played a pivotal role in shaping the life and career of her son, Robert Duvall. Her journey exemplifies resilience, grace, and unwavering support, leaving a legacy of familial devotion and quiet strength.


Did Mildred Virginia Hart pursue acting professionally?

While Mildred Virginia dabbled in acting, she primarily maintained a career as an amateur actress.

Where was Mildred Virginia laid to rest?

Mildred was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, USA.

How many children did Mildred Virginia Hart have?

Mildred Virginia had three sons: Robert Duvall, William Jr., and John.

What was the profession of Admiral William Howard Duvall?

Admiral William Howard Duvall served as a United States Navy rear admiral.

What is Robert Duvall’s estimated net worth?

As of 2022, Robert Duvall’s net worth is estimated at around 70 million.

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