Gray Audrey Bratcher: A Glimpse into the Life of a Celebrity Kid



Gray Audrey Bratcher, the illustrious daughter of Jenna Von Oy and Brad Bratcher, entered the sector on may additionally 22, 2012. On the soft age of ten, she has already become a superb discern, due to her well-known lineage. This newsletter aims to delve into the numerous aspects of grey Audrey’s existence, offering readers an insight into the sector of this movie star child.

Personal Information

  • Full Name: Gray Audrey Bratcher
  • Date of Birth: May 22, 2012
  • Age: 10 years
  • Place of Birth: Nashville
  • Parents: Jenna Von Oy and Brad Bratcher
  • Grandparents: Gloria Von Oy and Frank Von Oy
  • Sibling: Marlowe Monroe Bratcher
  • Occupation: Celebrity Kid

Early Life of Gray Audrey Bratcher

Gray Audrey’s journey began on May 22, 2012, in Nashville. Born to celebrity parents Brad Bratcher and Jenna Von Oy, she is currently a ten-year-old attending school in Nashville. While specifics about her school remain undisclosed, it’s confirmed that she is receiving her education in the vibrant city.

Brad Bratcher and Jenna Von Oy’s Reaction After Audrey’s Birth

The arrival of their firstborn, Audrey, brought immense joy to Brad Bratcher and Jenna Von Oy. In a heartfelt interview with PEOPLE, Jenna expressed their elation, stating, “They are happy and love Gray.” Despite the exhaustion, Jenna emphasized the enjoyable nature of the moment. Audrey’s birth, marked by a c-section, was a testament to her seven-pound weight and eighteen-inch length. The name “Gray” was chosen simply because of the profound love her parents harbored for it.

Gray Audrey Bratcher’s Sister

Marlowe Monroe Bratcher, born on November 1, 2014, is the cherished sister of Gray Audrey. At the age of eight years, the two siblings share a warm and supportive relationship.

About Jenna Von Oy and Brad Bratcher

Jenna Von Oy, born on can also 2, 1977, stocks a birth month with her eldest daughter. At 40-5, she is a carried-out actress and a College of Southern California alumna. Her career, initiated in 1986, boasts appearances in movies like Pepper Ann, Own Family Guy, Lenny, and Blossom.

Brad and Jenna’s love tale began in a Nashville wine bar in 2009, and main to their marriage in 2010. The couple welcomed their first daughter two years later and another baby in 2014.

Residence of Gray Audrey Bratcher

Currently, Gray Audrey resides in Nashville alongside her mother, Jenna Von Oy, and her sister, Marlowe Monroe Bratcher. This has been their cherished abode since their daughters’ births.

Marital Status of Gray’s Parents

Brad and Jenna underwent a divorce in 2020, navigating through irreconcilable differences. Despite leading separate lives, they actively engage in co-parenting to ensure the well-being of their daughters. The current residence of Brad remains undisclosed.

Brad Bratcher’s Profession

Brad Bratcher, an information technologist, serves as a data consultant in the U.S.A. With a career spanning over a decade, his expertise adds a unique dimension to Gray Audrey’s family dynamics.


In conclusion, Gray Audrey Bratcher emerges not just as a celebrity kid but as a young individual navigating the complexities of life in the public eye. Her family’s journey, marked by love, joy, and challenges, offers a glimpse into the reality of fame and parenthood.

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