Hasan Kosen: Exploring the Life of the World’s Tallest Man



Discover the exciting story of Hasan Kosen, the lesser-acknowledged sibling to the sector’s tallest man, Sultan Kosen, who stands at an amazing 251 cm (eight ft and 2.82 inches). This article unravels the acknowledged aspects of Hasan’s life, from his birthplace in Mardin, Turkey, to his supportive role alongside the Sultan.

Early Life and Birthplace

Delve into Hasan’s early life in Mardin, a city renowned for its stupid architecture near the Tigris River. While specifics about Hasan’s birthdate are undisclosed, explore the city that shaped their upbringing.

Sultan Kosen’s Guinness World Record

Study Sultan Kosen’s Guinness world record-breaking achievement on August 25, 2009, wherein he secured his region as the sector’s tallest man. Understand the impact of this recognition on Hasan’s life.

The Bond Between Hasan and Sultan

Uncover the close bond between Hasan and Sultan, as evidenced by their joint appearances at international events. Explore the reasons behind Hasan’s constant presence with his brother and the medical conditions that bind them.

Hasan’s Role and Support

Learn about Hasan’s supportive role, aiding Sultan in communication and navigating the challenges that come with being the world’s tallest man. Understand the dynamics of their relationship beyond the realm of height.

Hasan’s Personal and Professional Life

While specifics about Hasan’s personal and professional life remain unknown, gain insights into Sultan’s life as a prominent farmer in Turkey. Discover the intriguing details of their family dynamics.

Iconic Appearance in London

Join the brothers in their iconic appearance in London during the 2010 Guinness Book of Records debut. Witness them waving the Turkish flag in front of the Tower Bridge, marking a memorable moment in their lives.

Sultan Kosen’s Use of Crutches

Uncover the reasons behind Sultan Kosen’s use of crutches, stemming from a spine problem that impacts his posture and walking. Understand the challenges he faces as a tall individual.


As we unveil the life of Hasan Kosen, the supportive brother in the shadows, this article provides a glimpse into the lesser-known aspects of a family marked by extraordinary height and remarkable achievements.

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