Liba Trejbal: Carl Icahn’s Enigmatic Ex-Wife



Liba Trejbal, the former wife of billionaire Carl Icahn, remains an intriguing figure, especially given the secrecy surrounding her life post-separation. In this article, we delve into the details of Liba Trejbal’s life, from her early days as a professional ballerina to her net worth and current whereabouts.

Who Is Carl Icahn’s Ex-Wife, Liba Trejbal?

Liba Trejbal, known for her marriage to the renowned financier Carl Icahn, started her journey as a professional ballerina. Originating from Czechoslovakia, Trejbal met Icahn during her prime years, leading to a relationship that culminated in marriage in March 1979. The media-covered couple’s union lasted over a decade, capturing the public’s attention.

Liba Trejbal’s Age: A Closer Look

Now in her early 70s, Liba Trejbal was around 28 when she first encountered Carl Icahn in 1978. The couple’s relationship, however, reached its breaking point after 14 years of marriage, resulting in a divorce settlement in 1999 when Trejbal was 49. In contrast, Carl Icahn, the founder of Icahn Enterprises, is currently 85.

Unraveling the Net Worth Mystery

Liba Trejbal’s net worth remains a subject of speculation, with estimates in the millions. Despite her background as a former ballerina, her divorce from Icahn significantly impacted her financial status. The separation involved legal battles, including attempts to invalidate the prenuptial agreement, and eventually led to an undisclosed settlement in 1999. In contrast, Carl Icahn boasts an estimated net worth of $16.7 billion.

Where Is Liba Trejbal Today?

The current whereabouts of Liba Trejbal remain shrouded in mystery. After her divorce from Icahn, she has not been reported to have remarried. Meanwhile, Carl Icahn moved on to marry his longtime assistant, Gail Golden, the year following his divorce from Trejbal.


Liba Trejbal’s life unfolds as a captivating narrative, marked by her role as Carl Icahn’s ex-wife and the ensuing legal and personal complexities. The enigma surrounding her current life adds an extra layer to the tale of this former ballerina turned public figure.

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