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Rounsevelle Andreas Schaum was very close to his mother and would frequently go with her to different functions. Rounsevelle, on the other hand, has taken a reserved approach when it comes to his love life, declining to reveal details about his marital status or the number of children he may have.

His mother

During her elementary school years, Rounsevelle’s mother delved into the world of theatre, initiating her journey in performing arts. Her early engagement extended to both junior and senior high school, where she showcased her talents in dance. Post-graduation, she transitioned to participating in drama groups and modeling for department stores in her hometown.

Arlene Dahl’s pursuit of her passion led her to New York, where she initially collaborated with the Walter Thornton Model Agency before venturing into the theatre scene. Her initial foray into plays paved the way for recognition, ultimately securing a contract with MGM. In 1948, Rounsevelle’s mother marked her debut in the film industry with a supporting role in “The Bride Goes Wild.”

The thriller “Reign of Terror” showcased Rounsevelle’s mother as the female lead during her tenure with MGM. Her filmography expanded with notable appearances in productions such as “The Outriders,” “Three Little Words,” “Ambush,” “Scene of the Crime,” and “Watch the Birdie.” Subsequently, she collaborated with various production companies, contributing to several adventure films.

The year 1953 saw Rounsevelle’s mother in films like “Desert Region,” “The Diamond Queen,” “Here Come the Girls,” and “Sangaree,” the last of which starred Fernando Lamas—destined to become her husband. Her career saw a boom after her divorce from Fernando Lamas, but her active cinema roles declined in the 1950s after her marriage.

While continuing to feature in television programs such as “Kisses for My President” and landing supporting roles in four episodes of “Burke’s Law” and “Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre,” Arlene Dahl turned her attention to commercial pursuits in the 1960s. Rounsevelle’s mother appeared in episodes of “One Life to Live,” “The Love Boat,” and “Applause” throughout the 1970s.

Retiring from acting in the 1990s, Arlene Dahl continued occasional appearances in shows and plays, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with her multifaceted career.

Business Ventures of Rounsevelle’s Mother

Beyond her career as an actress, Rounsevelle’s mother experimented with many economic ventures. She wrote for the publication “Let’s Be Beautiful” in the early 1950s. In addition, she founded “Arlene Dahl Enterprises,” a business that sold lingerie, cosmetics, pajamas, and nightgowns. She became even more of an entrepreneur when she joined Sears Roebuck as the Director of Beauty Products.

The Personal Relationships of Rounsevelle’s Mother

Rounsevelle’s mother experienced a series of marriages throughout her life, with a total of six unions. Her first marriage occurred in 1951 to actor Lex Barker but ended in divorce just a year later. Subsequently, she encountered Fernando Lamas, tying the knot in 1954. The marriage resulted in the birth of her first child, Lorenzo Lamas, but the couple separated in 1960. Following this, she married Christian R. Holmes, welcoming a daughter named Christina Carole Holmes; however, this union ended in divorce in 1963.

A new chapter unfolded as Rounsevelle’s mother married Russian entrepreneur Alexis Lichine. The couple shared five years before deciding to separate. In 1969, she entered into matrimony with Rounsevelle W. Schaum, a broker, and though they experienced a period of separation, they later reconciled. The final chapter of her marital journey occurred in 1984 when she married Marc Rosen. Arlene Dahl passed away in November 2021 at the age of 96, peacefully at her Manhattan apartment.

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