Jair Bobbitt: Meet the Nephew of Serena Williams


Jair Bobbitt, the youngest among three boys, is the nephew of tennis sensation Serena through his older half-sister Yetunde Price. Born to Yetunde and Byron Bobbitt in 1998, Jair’s older brothers are Jeffrey Jr and Justus Bobbitt.

Jair keeps a low profile and seldom shows up at public gatherings, except for a noteworthy visit in October 2019 in California to commemorate the partnership between his mother and aunt’s Apartment List and Resource Center.

Personal Life of Jair Bobbitt

Jair Bobbitt has been discreet about his romantic life, and details about his relationships remain largely unknown. As of now, he doesn’t have any children. While it’s likely he has completed his education given his age, he has not disclosed specific details.

Jair Bobbitt Mother

Jair’s mother, Yetunde Price, born to Serena’s mother and Yusef Rasheed, worked as a nurse and played the roles of personal assistant and nurse for Serena and Venus. Despite her familial connections, Yetunde was adamant about not relying on her sisters’ financial support, choosing to sustain herself through her nursing career.

Tragedy Strikes

Yetunde Price’s life was tragically cut short when she was murdered while sitting in her car with her boyfriend in Compton, Los Angeles. Two gang members fired at the vehicle, claiming they thought the occupants were rivals. Yetunde was fatally shot, and despite efforts to rush her to the hospital, she was declared dead on arrival.

The gunmen faced legal consequences, with one sentenced to 15 years in prison, while the other was released as his bullet did not cause Yetunde Price’s death.

Life After the Tragedy

Following his mother’s death, Jair, along with his older brothers, went to live with his grandmother, Oracene Price. However, a custody battle ensued, with Jair’s father, Byron Bobbitt, seeking to have the children under his care. Yet, allegations of assault and threats led to the children continuing to live with their grandmother.

Social Media Presence

Jair Bobbitt, with an inactive Twitter account, has maintained a low-key social media presence. No official Instagram account has been attributed to him, suggesting a preference for privacy over public sharing. While he may be a social media observer, he refrains from active participation.

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