Mary Poole: Decades with Robert Smith


“Discover the intriguing life of Mary Poole, the enduring partner of rock star Robert Smith, spanning over three decades. From modeling to nursing and music videos, delve into Mary’s life, achievements, and the dynamics of her relationship with Robert in this insightful article.”

Mary Poole’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Mary Theresa Poole
  • Date of Birth: 3 October 1958
  • Age: 64 years old
  • Nationality: British
  • Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
  • Occupation: Ex-model, Nurse
  • Spouse: Robert Smith (m. 1988)
  • Net Worth: $30 million

Mary Poole’s Early Life and Education

she entered the world on 3 October 1958 in England. Details about her family background remain elusive, but her educational journey led her to St. Wilfrid’s Catholic Comprehensive School in Crawley, West Sussex. It was here that she took acting classes and crossed paths with Robert Smith. Although the specifics of her tertiary education are unclear, she is a trained nurse.

Mary Poole’s Career

Mary commenced her professional journey as a model in the 1980s, transitioning briefly before dedicating herself to nursing. Her career in nursing involved caring for disabled individuals and children with special needs. Additionally, Mary made appearances in some of The Cure’s music videos, including “Just Like Heaven,” showcasing her dance alongside Robert.

Mary Poole’s Personal Life

Mary and Robert’s story traces back to their pre-teen years when they collaborated on a drama class project at St. Wilfrid’s Comprehensive School. Seventeen years of friendship culminated in a private wedding ceremony at the monastery of Worth Abbey on 13 August 1988. Robert expressed his love for Mary through the song “Love Story,” released in 1989 as the lead single from The Cure’s Disintegration album.

The couple resides in Sussex with their two dogs, finding joy in their 25 nephews and nieces.

Robert Smith’s Love for Mary Poole

Robert Smith has openly professed his love for Mary throughout his career, with numerous songs reflecting his deep emotions. In an interview, he acknowledged his emotional dependence on Mary, emphasizing her crucial role in supporting him during mental health struggles. His candid admission of contemplating self-harm, if Mary were to leave, is a poignant testament to their enduring love and commitment.

Mary and Robert’s Decision on Having Kids

Their decision not to have biological children aligns with their unconventional approach to life. Robert’s stance, rooted in the belief that life shouldn’t be imposed, coupled with a feeling of irresponsibility for parenthood, led to a shared decision with Mary.


Mary Poole’s journey from a model and nurse to a supportive partner for one of rock history’s icons has been unconventional and captivating. Despite keeping a low public profile, Mary has played a pivotal role in shaping Robert Smith’s life.

Their enduring love, highlighted in Robert’s music and interviews, remains a unique aspect of their enduring relationship. As Robert’s musical legacy continues to thrive, Mary Poole remains a silent force, offering unwavering support and inspiration.

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