Victor Davis Hanson and Cara Webb Hanson: Unveiling the Life



Embark on a journey through the life of Victor Davis Hanson, an American classicist, military historian, and conservative commentator, alongside his wife Cara Webb Hanson. Discover their philanthropic efforts, family tragedies, and the enduring bond they share.

A Union Forged in 1977

Delve into the historical union of Victor Davis Hanson and Cara Webb Hanson, a couple bonded in matrimony on June 18, 1977. Uncover Victor’s roles as a classicist, military historian, and commentator, teaching at California State University, Fresno.

Philanthropy and Fundraising

Explore the couple’s commitment to philanthropy and fundraising. Learn about Cara’s involvement in the Smith Magenis Syndrome Research Foundation and her contributions to the Lucile Packard Foundation’s operation for children’s health.

Cara Webb Hanson: Education and Career

Navigate through the limited information available about Cara Webb’s education and career. Unravel the mysteries surrounding her academic pursuits and professional endeavors.

Victor and Cara: A Timeless Love

Explore the relationship dynamics between Victor and Cara, characterized by a 5 to 10-year age difference. Dive into the nuances of their enduring bond and the joys and sorrows they’ve experienced as a couple.

Tragedy Strikes: The Loss of Susannah Merry Hanson

Witness the heartbreaking chapter in the Hanson family’s life with the tragic loss of Susannah Merry Hanson. Understand the profound impact of her sudden departure and the grieving process the family underwent.

The Offspring: Pauline, William, and the Late Susannah

Get acquainted with the three children born to Victor and Cara during their enduring marriage. Explore the lives of Pauline Davis Hanson Steinback, William Frank Hanson, and the late Susannah Merry Hanson.

The Ageless Couple: Victor and Cara’s Age Gap

Uncover the mystery of Victor and Cara’s age gap, estimated to be around 5 to 10 years. Despite Cara keeping her age undisclosed, explore the couple’s timeless connection and enduring love.


Conclude the exploration of Victor Davis Hanson and Cara Webb Hanson’s life, from their historic union to the trials they faced as a family. Celebrate their resilience, philanthropy, and the enduring love that binds them together.


  1. What is the significant date of Victor and Cara’s union?
  2. How did the Hanson family cope with the loss of Susannah Merry Hanson?
  3. Can you elaborate on Victor Davis Hanson’s professional roles?
  4. Tell us more about Cara Webb Hanson’s involvement in philanthropy.
  5. How many children do Victor and Cara have, and what are their names?

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