Tallulah Lewis: Pioneering Change in the Horseracing Industry



Explore the captivating journey of Tallulah Lewis, a key figure in the UK Tote Group’s International Business Development and Chair of Women in Racing. This article unravels her profound impact on the horseracing industry and her commitment to fostering positive change.

Early Fascination: A Glimpse into Tallulah’s Journey

Discover Tallulah’s early passion for horseracing, from studying Equine Breeding and Stud Management at Writtle University to securing a coveted spot on the BHA Graduate Development Programme.

Versatility Across Sectors: Navigating Diverse Roles

Delve into Tallulah’s diverse career path, showcasing her forays into media, bloodstock, and administration, with a keen interest in exploring different facets of the racing industry.

 Embracing a New Challenge: UK Tote Group

Learn about Tallulah’s bold move into the betting sector with the UK Tote Group, managing International Business Development. Gain insights into the dynamic changes brought about since the acquisition.

Revitalizing the Tote: A Rapid Transformation

Witness the rapid transformation of the Tote under Tallulah’s leadership, including the launch of a new brand, the revival of Tote Ten to Follow, and ambitious plans for a revamped website.

International Endeavours: Strengthening Global Relations

Accompany Tallulah on her journey to Hong Kong as she spearheads the Tote’s international relationships, highlighting the global impact and significance of the organization.

 Women in Racing: A Decade of Empowerment

Uncover Tallulah’s pivotal role in Women in Racing, an organization dedicated to supporting women across the racing industry. Explore the benefits, mentorship programs, and initiatives that empower women.


Advocacy for Diversity: Shaping Industry Dynamics

Delve into Women in Racing’s impactful initiatives, from funding research on women’s representation to launching projects like Racing Home, addressing the challenges faced by working mothers in horseracing.

Unique Potential of Horseracing: A Force for Good

Explore Tallulah’s perspective on horseracing as a ‘force for good,’ uniquely positioned to offer diverse and accessible careers. Learn about industry projects supporting employees and engaging communities.

Standing Apart: Community and Impact

Celebrate horseracing’s unique position as a sport that goes beyond entertainment, contributing to communities, and fostering inclusivity. Understand the distinctive role played by the industry in comparison to others.

Conclusion: Tallulah’s Legacy and Future Aspirations

Summarize Tallulah Lewis’s remarkable contributions, acknowledging her legacy in the horseracing industry. Explore the exciting prospects for positive change in the years to come.



  1. How has Tallulah Lewis contributed to the revitalization of the Tote brand?
  2. What initiatives has Women in Racing undertaken to support women in the industry?
  3. Can you elaborate on the global impact of the Tote under Tallulah’s leadership?
  4. What inspired Tallulah to pursue diverse roles across different sectors of the racing industry?
  5. How does horseracing stand apart as a ‘force for good’ in the world of sports?

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