Mayme Edna Revere: Mother of a Hollywood Legend


Mayme Edna Revere, born on March 18, 1912, in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, u.S., is a determine of ancient importance. Mayme Edna Revere’s life and legacy go beyond being Morgan Freeman’s mom. Explore her journey from early years to lasting impact.

Early life and circle of relatives

Mayme Edna Revere, the handiest known child of Jacob and Lenora (Greenlee) Revere, hailed from Charleston, Mississippi. Even as details about her siblings remain unknown, her family blossomed as she became the mother of five children, including the illustrious Morgan Freeman. Her husband, the late Grafton C. Curtis, played a widespread role in her life.

Personal lifestyles

Mayme’s multifaceted existence encompassed roles as an instructor and nursing aide. Other than Morgan, she became a proud mother to Billy Rose Freeman, Iris Virginia Gordon, Othello Anderson, and Clifton Curtis. Additionally, she embraced her function as a stepmother to Hazel Curtis Hardy, Curtis Dent, and Veronica Curtis Smith. Mayme’s family tree prolonged to 40-one grandchildren and sixteen outstanding grandchildren.

Past immediately own family, Mayme shared familial connections with superb people inclusive of Gloria Greenlee, Rita Jean, Catherine Carr Estes, Jay Buxton, and Hubert Sallis. Her niece and nephew, Alma Jean Curtis and Albert, and her aunt Clara J. Sallis, enriched her family community.

Church, schooling, and Musical expertise

Mayme Edna Revere’s adventure included academic achievements at Mary Holmes Seminary in West Factor, Mississippi. A skilled pianist, she lent her musical abilities to numerous choirs and churches within the vicinity. Her resonant voice echoed in solo performances at the Mt. Olive Baptist Church, and she was a charter member of Trinity Missionary Baptist Temple.

An avid visitor, Mayme explored diverse elements of the world, embodying a zest for life. Her adventures were not simply geographical; she ardently supported her children’s pursuits and remained a pillar of energy in her network.

Morgan Freeman: A Hollywood Icon

Mayme’s son, Morgan, born on June 1, 1937, in Memphis, Tennessee, rose to prominence as a director, narrator, and actor. His commanding voice and five-decade-lengthy profession have earned him accolades together with the Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, and Display Actors Guild Award.

Morgan’s early roots in Mississippi culminated in his achievement in the 1970s television series, the electric agency. Next roles in movies like Coriolanus, Julius Caesar, Glory, Road Clever, and Driving Omit Daisy solidified his popularity as a Hollywood legend. Alongside Lori McCreary, Morgan based the Revelations leisure film agency, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Mayme Edna Revere’s Charitable Contributions

Beyond being Morgan Freeman’s mother, Mayme Edna Revere left an indelible mark through her charitable activities in the Mississippi network. Her commitment to making a tremendous impact resonates in the hearts of those who recollect her.

The Final Bankruptcy: Mayme’s Legacy

Mayme Edna Revere’s adventure concluded on December 30, 2000, at the age of 88, succumbing to a stroke at Baptist Memorial sanatorium. Her final resting vicinity is the Sonedna Memorial Grounds Cemetery. A devoted member of the Church of Christ and a track minister at the Baptist association until her last breath, Mayme’s legacy lives on.

In the end,

 Mayme Edna Revere’s story is one in every one of resilience, expertise, and love—a narrative intertwined with the wealthy cultural tapestry of Mississippi. Her existence, contributions, and the enduring legacy of her son, Morgan Freeman, weave a tale worth celebrating.

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